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One step closer to Volador Jr. vs. Bandido at CMLL’s 87th Anniversary night of champions

For CMLL’s 87th Anniversary, it will be a night of champions. Seven title fights were announced for September 25. The catch is that the opponents are picked through a fan vote. CMLL released the pool of challengers yesterday, and it gets us one step closer to a superstar clash between Volador Jr. and Bandido.

Volador Jr. is set to defend the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship against the fan’s pick from:

  • Bandido
  • Soberano Jr.
  • Templario

All three of those bouts have electrifying potential to be a gem. Soberano Jr. and Templario are super exciting in the ring, but Bandido is the challenger I’m most hyped to see. Bandido and Volador Jr. are two of the best luchadores in the world. Good news is that Bandido is the likely choice to emerge, however, Soberano was picking up steam before the coronavirus break. Come on, CMLL fans. Make Bandido vs Volador happen.

Caristico & Mistico will defend the CMLL World Tag Team Championship against the fan’s pick from:

  • Ángel de Oro & Niebla Roja
  • Diamante Azul & Stuka Jr.
  • Atlantis Jr. & Flyer
  • Rey Cometa & Espíritu Negro

Ángel de Oro & Niebla Roja are a strong choice. That would make it a tecnico versus tecnico clash. Those brothers have never won tag team gold in CMLL, but they did prevail in the 2019 Copa Dinastías.

Ultimo Guerrero, Euphoria, & Gran Guerrero will defend the CMLL World Trios Championship against the fan’s pick from:

  • Mephisto, Luciferno, & Ephesto
  • Titán, El Audaz, & Star Jr.
  • Cavernario, El Terrible, & Hechicero

The funnest matchup would be Titán, El Audaz, & Star Jr. Those three are exciting high-flyers. Cavernario has the name value to pick up votes for his team to get the shot.

Sanson, Cuatrero, & Forastero will defend the CMLL National Trios Championship against the fan’s pick from:

  • Negro Casas, Felino, & Tiger
  • El Valiente, Guerrero Maya, & Esfinge
  • Blue Panther, Black Panther, & Blue Panther Jr.
  • Virus, Raziel, & Cancerbero

My guess is that Negro Casas, Felino, & Tiger come out as the choice. Negro Casas is a legend. It would also pit two family teams against one another.

The card will also have a micro title fight and two women’s title fights.

Chamuel will defend the CMLL World Micro-Estrellas Championship against Microman, El Guapito, or Gallito. Microman is the safest bet of the entire card to be chosen. He’s a beloved fan favorite and has an intense rivalry with Chamuel. Chamuel lost his mask to Microman at last year’s 86th Anniversary. Chamuel got a modicum of revenge by pinning Microman in a torneo cibernetico to become the inaugural champ of the Micros division.

Marcela will defend the CMLL World Women’s Championship against Princesa Sugehit, Dalys, or Amapola. Dalys is a heavy favorite as the choice. They have deep feuding history. Only those two women have held that title since April 10, 2015. Dalys ended Marcela’s 336-day reign, then Marcela ended Dalys’ 983-day reign. Marcela has been champ for 637 days and counting.

Metalica will defend the CMLL National Women’s Championship against Lluvia, Reyna Isis, La Jarochita, or Estrellita. This choice is a toss-up.

CMLL’s 87th Anniversary can be streamed live via Ticketmaster Live on September 25. The current price is 228.75 pesos (about $10 USD). Visit to vote for the challengers (here).

CMLL also announced the card for their return to action on September 4. The main event was supposed to be a hair vs hair headliner at Homenaje a Dos Leyendas on March 20, 2020, but the coronavirus canceled that show. Now, Cavernario vs Felino is a just a regular singles bout.

  • Cavernario vs Felino
  • Último Guerrero, Gran Guerrero,& Euforia vs Flyer, Star Jr., & Volador Jr.
  • Princesa Sugehit & Marcela vs Dalys & Reina Isis
  • Audaz & Guerrero Maya vs Rey Cometa & Espíritu Negro
  • Diamond vs Coyote

That show can be viewed on Ticketmaster Live for 97.75 pesos (about $5 USD).

Who are you fan picks for each championship bout at CMLL’s 87th Anniversary?

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