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AEW Rewind: Mr. Brodie’s championship celebration, Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida trash talk, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Thursday night Dynamite.

***Reminder that Dynamite has moved to Thursday (Aug. 27) at 8 pm ET on TNT due to the NBA playoffs. AEW will be posting part 2 of 2019 All Out on their YouTube channel for your viewing consumption tonight.

We’ll start with Mr. Brodie Lee’s championship celebration on Being the Elite after squashing Cody Rhodes. Mr. Brodie and his Dark Order boys had a grand time eating Chili’s and spending the baby back ribs sponsorship money. It is more of a comedic take than what they present on Dynamite. There were three segments throughout the show.

“And New TNT Champion!” - Being The Elite, Ep. 218 featured:

  • Mr. Brodie Lee celebrated the TNT Championship with the Dark Order. Alex Reynolds and John Silver brought food from Chili’s. Lots of excited shouting ensued.
  • Mr. Brodie had a sharing session with the boys. He wanted to know what everyone did with their millions of dollars from the Chili’s sponsorship. Reynolds used it on tap dancing lessons. Evil Uno bought a life-sized cutout of Mr. Brodie. Stu Grayson purchased a 1967 Shelby Mustang. 10 bought guns then flexed his arms. 5 got hair implants. Silver teased a donation then revealed he bought a bunch of beer. Mr. Brodie bought himself six riding lawnmowers even though he doesn’t have a lawn. Why? Because f—k Hangman Page.
  • Back to after last week’s Dark, Brandon Cutler was proud of Peter Avalon for not using a book to cheat. Avalon was frustrated because they still lost. He is tired of losing. Avalon wants to win by any means necessary. He wants to do his own thing again within their tag team partnership. (Last night on Dark, Avalon used a book and accidentally hit Cutler to cost them the match.)
  • The Young Bucks checked on Matt Hardy. He was outside with a chair waiting for Sammy Guevara to leave the building. The Bucks offered to fire Sammy. Hardy wanted to split Sammy’s head first then they can fire him. Hardy mixed his characters’ vernacular all together and stared off into the distance. The Bucks agreed to fire Sammy for what he did to Hardy.
  • Christopher Daniels bumped for Trent in the ring then couldn’t get up. It transitioned to an infomercial for Bump Alert, which was a riff on the, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” commercials.
  • Speaking Spanglish was a conference call on el soom. A bunch of people connected. Ortiz spread chisme that the Dark Order only bathes on Mondays. Marko Stunt sat on the toilet with his camera to end the segment.
  • Hangman Page and Kenny Omega passed Madusa in the hallway. They refused to look her in the eyes due to the stories of the mythical Medusa. She coerced Hangman with the notion of drinking Jack Daniels. Hangman excitedly looked up and was frozen to stone.
  • Best Friends and Orange Cassidy set a trap to murder Cutler. There was a fake D&D paper under a small crate. Cutler picked up the paper and walked away. The trap did not work.
  • Silver spoke in a German accent having fun with the Dark Order. The party was over, so everyone exited. Mr. Brodie called Silver back for a hug then tricked him into a hip toss onto a table.
  • Colt Cabana’s vital signs were all normal. The camera pulled back to reveal his head covered in gold. The doctor tried to help with a massage gun.

My takeaway from that episode is I hope AEW gives us Mr. Brodie versus Hangman soon. That’s a money fight I want to see. I don’t know how that would settle with Hangman’s status as tag champ. I wouldn’t mind Hangman & Omega keeping the belts for a long time and Mr. Brodie coming out on top in that singles feud.

Speaking of big money championship fights, Thunder Rosa and Hikaru Shida are talking trash prior to their clash at All Out on September 5.

FTR and Tully Blanchard are having fun heating up Horsemen rumors with their new partnership.

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Sammy Guevara’s back took a beating from Matt Hardy tossing him through a table and whacking him with a chair.

Lil Bran Bran looks to have found a date. That should keep Brandi Rhodes occupied while Cody recovers.

Ryback provided a sweet scenario for his entrance into AEW.

Time for AEW to make a trios title so the Bucks can finally become champs as part of the RyBucks.

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