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AEW Women’s Tag Team Tournament, Episode 3: Semifinals

AEW continues its “Deadly Draw” Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament tonight (Mon., Aug. 17, 2020) on its YouTube channel starting at 7 pm ET. You can read up on episode one here, and episode two here.

Here’s what is on the card for tonight, featuring the semifinals:

  • Ivelisse & Diamante vs. Tay Conti & Anna Jay
  • Big & Lil Swole vs. Nightmare Sisters

Enjoy the show!

Quick hits:

- Big & Lil Swole vs. Nightmare Sisters was up first and it wasn’t very good. Brandi is really struggling in the ring right now. Big & Lil were in control and the clear favorites when Dr. Britt Baker showed up in the audience with a megaphone and started talking trash. This distracted Big Swole and led to Allie pinning Lil Swole to put the Nightmare Sisters in the finals.

- Diamante & Ivelisse vs. Tay Conti & Anna Jay was next. It was pretty clear throughout that Diamante and Ivelisse were going over, and that’s exactly what happened.

- They cut to Allie and Brandi for an interview. Brandi said it got close at the end and if it wasn’t for her, they would have lost. Allie cut in and said she was the won who won the match for them. Brandi walked back her initial comment while saying they are going to win and putting over her action figure. “We’re Instagram influencers, so we have to go do some influencing,” she said as she was leaving.

- Next was an interview with the other winning team tonight. They talked about how much time they’ve put in but that this is bigger than them and they have to do this “for our people … by any means necessary.”

- The final goes down this coming Saturday night on Dynamite.


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