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Here’s the Randy Orton jab you knew was coming to Being The Elite

After WWE’s Randy Orton initiated a little Instagram comment banter with The Young Bucks’ Matt Jackson, it’s no surprise the Viper finds himself the target of a joke on this week’s Being The Elite.

It’s nothing Randy hasn’t heard before. But while Orton criticized one spot of Jackson’s, this is a more wide-ranging swipe at Orton’s career.

This should be cued up to the joke itself (~ 14:10). It comes during a phone conversation Matt & Brandon Cutler are having to brainstorm ideas for BTE’s running “50+ seconds for 50+” bit, which is itself a gag about WWE’s aging audience and AEW outperforming them in the younger demographics advertisers covet.

Matt: “Yeah, I don’t know. It’s just got to be something boring, slow, and plodding... [inaudible response from Cutler] Yeah, it’s a good idea, but I don’t think WWE’s gonna license out a Randy Orton match.”


Will that be the end of it? Or should we expect Randy to fire back on TikTok?

What a time to be alive.

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