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FTR nails a spike piledriver on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

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FTR demanded that tonight’s (Aug. 12) episode of Dynamite be called Tag Team Appreciation Night.

They showed their appreciation for great tag team wrestling by bringing out two all-time great teams: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

The Young Bucks joined FTR in the ring along with these legends. The angle here likened the Bucks’ wrestling style to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, whereas FTR wrestled more in the style of Arn and Tully.

Tully didn’t care much for that comparison though, because he failed to see how FTR or the Young Bucks were great without tag team gold around their waist. This led to Tully getting popped in the mouth by Ricky Morton. The Bucks and FTR tried to defuse the situation, and this led to Dax Harwood seemingly aggravating an existing knee injury.

But looks are often deceiving, and FTR used this opportunity to obliterate Morton with a spike piledriver:

I guess FTR is done playing nice.

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