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MLW Roundup: Wild surprise ending for Pulp Fusion, Tom Lawlor turns to crime, more!

Let’s catch up on the week’s news in MLW and preview Saturday night’s episode of MLW Underground with Sabu, LA Park, and Super Crazy.

Pulp Fusion

MLW is back with storylines grooving in Pulp Fusion. This episode had a particularly exciting conclusion involving loud-mouth Jordan Oliver and a surprise of a different kind as Tom Lawlor turned to crime.

The format of Pulp Fusion is a quick cut montage of promos intermixed with each other. Let’s break it down.

  • Los Parks and family spent the day at their ranch playing in the pool.
  • Alexander Hammerstone returned from a 20-mile bike ride. His lady companion handed him a tiny glass of water, since he was cutting weight to get vascular for the bodybuilding contest. Hammer wept at the sacrifices he is making. His dog ran in like a goofball staring up at the ceiling.
  • The mystery man was back analyzing tape of the Contra Unit.
  • Richard Holliday pulled out a book from his library that stated he is the face of MLW and also the Caribbean Champion.
  • Salina de la Renta turned down AAA’s offer to buy Promociones Dorado. AAA will have to settle with purchasing CMLL. (To clarify, I haven’t seen any rumors of AAA taking over CMLL in real life.) There was a fellow in the hot tub with Salina. I think he was just man meat and not a new wrestler, but I could be wrong.
  • Tom Lawlor was outside his house with Kit Osbourne inside luggage. Lawlor received bad news about a cancellation, then the suitcase rolled down and fell over. Lawlor carjacked a mini van to get to the airport.
  • Savio Vega heard rumors of Salina coming to Puerto Rico for meetings. She’s not his type of girl, but money talks in Puerto Rico.
  • Dominic Garrini is heading to Thailand to find a new member for Team Filthy then heading to Brazil. He also has a new mullet.
  • Gino Medina showed off his fancy clothes while social distancing.
  • Mance Warner only has one, “Mancer 2020,” sticker left.
  • Jordan Oliver was flapping his gums again dissing Simon Gotch. He wants Gotch one-on-one. Surprise attack! Gotch tackled Oliver and choked him out in about 10 seconds.

Oh, wow! Gotch choking Oliver was the best. Oliver has been talking mad garbage about Contra and Gotch for weeks. Seeing Gotch ambush Oliver was hilarious and glorious. They are both heels, but Oliver is more annoying with his braggadocio. He was served what he had coming. Thumbs up for that surprise. MLW knows just when to turn up the heat.

Which scene in Pulp Fusion was your favorite? Did you pop at Gotch strangling Oliver?

MLW Underground

Enjoy a blast from the past with episode 4 of MLW Underground airing Saturday night. It has a slate of exciting bouts on the agenda.

  • Sabu vs Taiyo Kea
  • LA Park vs Shocker
  • Super Crazy vs Fuego Guerrero

The preview claims Sabu is looking to unleash carnage on his opponent. I was sold at Sabu. Adding in carnage takes this to another level. Taiyo Kea is a big man, so I’m curious which method Sabu uses to chop him down. The other two bouts should be good for a lucha libre fix. I’ve already seen LA Park vs Shocker from LA Park’s MLW Anthology episode. It was solid action.

MLW’s weekly program (Fusion, Anthology, and Underground) airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET / 7 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. You can also check out MLW streaming on DAZN. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries.

Quick hits

MLW continues to rack up deals for their programming. Add two more under the umbrella. MLW signed an agreement with Digital Original Entertainment for the DOE TV Network streaming service set to launch in Fall 2020. The other contract is with for a distribution partnership. The highlight seems to be more access to sponsorships for MLW.

Gino Medina appears to be in the doghouse of the Dynasty. Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday are not pleased with his pastime pursuits. Hammer replied to question about Medina’s status.

On to more cheerful Dynasty news. Hammerstone bodybuilding contest is Saturday. I barely recognize Muscle Mountain.

Hammerman’s post-show chowdown plans look epic.

If Gino Medina gets booted out of the Dynasty, who would you like to see take his spot?

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