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Puppy Battle Royal winner MJF is 10000x cuter than actual MJF

Fyter Fest wasn’t over when Dynamite went off the air on July 8. AEW still had two Puppy Battle Royals for us on their YouTube channel.

Watch it above. But if you’re too busy, or Team Cat 4 Life, we can tell you it’s just as adorable and ridiculous as it sounds. The important thing is it was done to in conjunction with Angels Among Us, an Atlanta-area non-profit dog & cat rescue, and to raise awareness about shelters & adoption in general.

But about that ridiculousness... here were the rules.

  • Puppies were eliminated when all four paws touched the floor
  • They could also be eliminated for eliminating (peeing or pooping in the ring)
  • The last pup in the ring won
  • Pharaoh was on-hand as a guest enforcer

The pooches were named after, and in some cases cheered on bym AEW wrestlers.

Penelope Ford was very excited her puppy won the first battle royal.

MJF talked up his namesake during the introductions, but Tony Schiavone opted to stress the importance of spaying & neutering your pets rather than let Max get the last word.

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