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Robert Stone was run over by a tank

Another bad week for Robert Stone.

Despite failing to secure Rhea Ripley for the Robert Stone Brand last week, Robert Stone was confident that he would add a blue chip signing this week. He and Aliyah were promising it on Twitter.

In typical Stone fashion, he actually didn’t have anyone who agreed to it. Instead, he just assumed Shotzi Blackheart was going to join his brand despite not having done anything of note lately.

To the surprise of no one but Stone and Aliyah, Blackheart declined, telling Robbie that she rides solo. This shocked Robert, who tossed his drink behind him to emphasize how surprised he was by this wild turn of events.

Well, in typical Robert Stone luck, that drink hit Killian Dain, who immediately dropped Stone. Then to add insult to injury, Blackheart ran over his leg with her mini tank.

They left Stone laying there screaming “I’m dying” until referees removed the tank from his appendage. No word now if he’ll ever walk again. I assume he’ll be sent to a local medical facility and we’ll get an update tomorrow.

Another week, another hilarious Robert Stone segment.

You can find all the results from night two of the Great American Bash at the live blog here.

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