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Taz’s ‘MAJOR’ announcement is FTW

AEW promoted a major announcement from Taz tonight (July 8) on night two of Fyter Fest, and Tony Khan said it would send shockwaves through the pro wrestling world.

Did Taz have a new cookbook? Or was he pregnant?

Nope. It turns out that Taz decided to bring back the FTW championship and crown Brian Cage the new champ.

This was a title that Taz debuted in the original ECW in 1998, when their heavyweight champion, Shane Douglas, was injured and unable to defend the world title against Taz. Taz began to carry the FTW championship, and said he was the uncrowned world champion of ECW.

With AEW world champion Jon Moxley missing a few weeks due to exposure to COVID-19, Taz has brought the gimmick back and is using it for his man, Brian Cage.

It’s a neat little thing to see if you enjoyed the original ECW, but this was far from the sort of angle that would shake the pro wrestling world to its core.

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