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The Elite’s joke about the main event of Great American Bash being spoiled has arrived

The NXT/AEW “war” is as hot as its been since Dynamite premiered last fall.

So after a week where Taz took a shot at WWE on the air, and Sasha Banks & Chris Jericho claimed victory in the July 1 TV numbers, you know the Being The Elite gang wasn’t going to sit this one out. Especially after a member of the NXT roster spoiled the main event of this Wednesday’s Great American Bash show (unless he didn’t, but he probably did).

The bit kicks off the final segment on the latest episode of The Young Bucks’ YouTube show. Matt & Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Page are sitting backstage when the younger Buck says, “we might have lost this week, but at least we didn’t at least we didn’t put up a spoiler on Instagram!” as the group all laughs.

In true BTE style, Page quickly asks if they want to “cut there” and a metatextual discussion about the joke follows. That includes Matt acknowledging that some fans are going to complain about the AEW Executive Vice-Presidents mentioning “them” again, which Kenny says he agrees with, “but they make it so easy.”

That only takes up a few seconds in a larger scene, though. From there the Tag champs discuss what happened after FTR hit the ring on last Wednesday’s Dynamite, and Hangman & The Bucks open up about issues that have been lingering in their relationship for months.

Could we have seen this foursome share their last laugh at Triple H’s expense?

Let us know what you think - about the storyline, and/or whether or not The Elite should stop making WWE jokes - in the comments below.

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