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MLW Roundup: Von Erichs on Anthology, Mance Warner signature beer, more!

MLW has some cool news this week. Plans are underway for Mance Warner’s own signature beer, replica title belts are available for sale, and let’s not forget the latest episode of Pulp Fusion as the Von Erichs are featured on Anthology.

MLW’s storylines are chugging along in the Pulp Fusion. Mance Warner updated us on his fight with Teddy the Bear, Myron Reed compared himself to the Muhammad Ali, and Dominic Garrini left in search of a new member for Team Filthy.

The format of Pulp Fusion is a quick cut montage of promos intermixed with each other. Let’s break it down:

  • Los Parks were in the gym getting a pump. Jr. asked Papa Park if he heard about Salina de la Renta returning to MLW. Hijo mentioned the rumors from Konnan of Salina owing money to powerful people. Park thinks Salina and Konnan deserve each other. With two lions in a cage, only one comes out.
  • The Von Erich brothers wished a happy 4th of July from the beach in Hawaii. Marshall was amped. “America, baby!” They are about to go diving to catch fish. Marshall was exploding with energy.
  • Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini made fun of Kevin Von Erich’s resume. Kevin was only a one-time World Class TV Champion even though his father owned the promotion. Dom informed Lawlor of the official Kookies & Kream Sarasota sponsorship. They discussed what to do with the extra money. Garrini proposed adding another member to Team Filthy. Lawlor was on board. He wanted Dom to search every dojo, every slum, and Fight Island. Dom pledged to find the newest member of their Filthy family. After Garrini exited, Lawlor shouted that he forgot to tell Dom that he is going to Kauai, home of the Von Erichs.
  • Alexander Hammerstone was lifting weights. He was building up his patriot missiles (biceps). Hammerman was hammering huge poundage on the leg press in super speed. He worked too hard and passed out.
  • Konnan claimed Salina was trying to sell Promociones Dorado to cover her high money debts.
  • Salina knows Konnan loves to be up in her business. That can be very dangerous, for him. Konnan is like a gossiping grandmother, and he stinks of desperation and weed.
  • Mance Warner was drinking light beers after going toe to toe with Teddy the Bear. Mancer whooped that ass and hit the pay window. Teddy put up a fight and even German suplexed Warner. The fight involved a hot tub, broken glass, and eye pokes. Warned won so he’s enjoying light beers. Uncle Moonman was outside drinking moonshine with Big Teddy Cool. Teddy is with them now.
  • Calvin Tankman isn’t going to stop until his pockets are full and there is gold around his waist. He’s coming to take it all by any means.
  • Richard Holliday was back in the country club woods after slicing his golf shot. This year’s 4th of July party will be dynastic. There will be endless amounts of caviar, champagne, and gorgeous women. They will play polo, water polo, and Marco Polo while wearing polos. The invitees will be Hammerstone, and even Savio Vega, but Savio’s invitation will have the wrong address. Maybe he’ll invite the Von Erichs. They don’t wear shoes, so no party for them.
  • Jordan Oliver had a message for MLW World Heavyweight Champ Jacob Fatu. Oliver is a heavyweight now. He will beat Fatu and take the title to slap Simon Gotch.
  • Myron Reed compared himself to fellow Louisville fighter Muhammad Ali. It has been 50 years since a great man, misunderstood and vilified, rose up to win the word title and change the culture. It is time for another GOAT to rise up like Ali. Reed will change this sport, right injustices, and be the greatest of all-time.

The most intriguing bit from this week’s Pulp Fusion was Team Filthy looking to add another member. This is most likely legit, rather than just a silly storyline. Erick Stevens had mentioned retirement prior to the coronavirus pandemic, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t return whenever MLW has their next show. I’d guess the newest Filthy man would be more on Dominic Garrini’s level than a known name. There’s not a lot of real fighters out there who are unsigned. It will be interesting to discover which diamond MLW grabs from the coal mine.

Jordan Oliver talked me into desiring a fight with Jacob Fatu. I hope he gets the next title shot, so Fatu can beat him in under 30 seconds and send a statement that he is still top dog. Oliver is delusional with overconfidence.

Alexander Hammerstone stole the show with his line about patriot missiles for biceps. He’s the hero that the world needs right now in wrestling.

This episode of Pulp Fusion is part of the next MLW Anthology debuting Saturday night. The show will cover the rise of the Von Erichs. It will feature Marshall and Ross against the Dynasty for tag team gold and War Chamber against the Contra Unit. If you are a fan of the Von Erich family but have yet to see Kevin’s sons in action, then this will be a good episode to catch you up on the next generation.

MLW’s weekly program (Fusion and Anthology) airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 10 pm ET / 7 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturdays at 6:05 pm ET. You can also check out MLW streaming on DAZN. In addition, MLW is broadcast in over 20 countries.

MLW Roundup

Hold on to your knickers. MLW teased the best news you’ll hear all week in the world of professional wrestling. Details are scarce, but CEO Court Bauer confirmed that they closed a deal to produce a signature beer for Mance Warner.

Sign me up for two kegs. I’d take more, but I don’t want to be selfish.

The MLW Roundup is interrupted with a special message from the Contra Unit for the 4th of July. Jacob Fatu plans to burn Davey Boy Smith Jr.’s legacy. There will be a reckoning with Contra.

Bauer spoke with Justin Barrasso at Sports Illustrated about his timeline for future MLW shows. He’s sticking to his previous statements about waiting for a safe return. The next advertised show is for October in Dallas, but there is no guarantee that will go on as planned. In the meantime, MLW is working on securing more TV deals around the world.

Toronto, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York are in the running to host the next Opera Cup.

MLW announced a deal with Wildcat Championship Belts to produce title belt replicas. All four titles are available now at

MLW posted a neat mini article about Zenshi going to Cuzcu, Peru to learn Rumi Maki fighting techniques. It is described as a mix of jungle style parkour, Capoeira, and Krav Maga. This was the martial art displayed when Zenshi was flipping in trees a few weeks back on Pulp Fusion. It will be cool to see how Zenshi’s wrestling style will evolve.

MLW also put up photos of Logan Creed’s role from the movie Gutcruncher. He’s playing the lead ghoul. Creed’s makeup makes him look like some sort of blue punk rock demon. The film is scheduled to premiere in late 2020.

We’ll close with nifty kettlebell work from Tom Lawlor.

Be very careful not to break your feet if you try that at home.

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