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New professional Twitcher Rusev catches sexiness ban

Earlier this week, Miro (fka as Rusev) claimed his professional wrestling career is over - he’s a full-time “Twitcher, YouTuber, content creator” now.

Good thing he didn’t put all his eggs in the Twitch basket, or he’d have nowhere to create content right now. Currently, if you hit his Twitch channel, you get this:

And according to the website Streamer Bans, it’s because Miro got one last night. Looks like it’s only of the 24 hour variety, however. As the man himself explained, along with the 411 on why...

Speculation is that it was’t actually the Handsome One who exceeded Twitch’s sexiness limits, but his ravishing wife. Which is possible - Lana is a sexy lady. But she’s been doing things like crashing Miro’s gaming sessions in a bikini for a while now...

Was her latest swimwear too revealing? Or was it Miro’s improved physique that brought out Twitch’s version of Right To Censor?

Perhaps we’ll find out in the next content he creates. It is his job now.

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