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Kyle O’Reilly is back in NXT

The Undisputed ERA has been incomplete the last few months.

While he appeared in some videos out of the arena, Kyle O’Reilly has not been in the studio to tape any matches or angles. That was likely because Kyle is diabetic and is at higher risk if he were to be exposed to COVID-19. A completely understandable reason for missing time.

This week, Kool Kyle returned.

First it was just backstage, working as cheerleader for a dejected Undisputed ERA who just watched Roderick Strong lose to Johnny Gargano. But later in the evening, they attacked the NXT tag champs Imperium, with Adam Cole claiming that they still run this place.

We’ll see how that plays from here. I would be surprised if they go back from being a dominant force in NXT. That story has been done. Instead, I bet there’s some splintering within the group, maybe with Kyle taking more of a leadership role.

Whatever they decide, the ERA is back at full force at this moment and NXT is better for it.

You can find all the results to tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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