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AEW Rewind: Give us MJF vs Eddie Kingston, Hangman hanging with FTR, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

MJF is going to deliver a “State of the Industry” address. If there is one man I’d like to see interrupt MJF, it would be Eddie Kingston. This clip is all you need. Context doesn’t matter. Those two would tear it up on the mic.

Cody Rhodes will be defending his TNT Championship in an open challenge of work horse vs WARHORSE. Cody is confident yet relentless in preparation.

I like Cody’s desire to hold the title until he retires. It makes me wonder how long AEW will let Cody keep racking up wins. I’d like to say I’d be interested in seeing Cody break 100 defenses, however, I can’t guarantee that it wouldn’t get stale by then. 100 wins would be an iconic achievement for Cody’s resume.

Cody also mentioned that the TNT Championship belt will be complete by August 12. The full design has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tony Khan cracked the case of why FTR is not yet ranked despite a 4-0 record.

No teams have been announced yet for the women’s tag tournament, but there is one duo in particular that would be an awesome addition, Thunder Rosa & Holidead as Twisted Sisterz.

Rosa is the current NWA Women’s Champion. I think she is in the conversation for best women’s wrestler today. They would add an extra level of excitement to The Deadly Draw.

Being the Elite

“You Asking Us Out For A Beer? - Being The Elite, Ep. 214 (here) featured:

  • Brandon Cutler stumbled upon the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy planning their new bit of trying to murder him. Trent and Chuck Taylor ran away, while OC tried to hide on the floor.
  • John Silver was unconscious on the ground with papers all around. I’m assuming the implication is that Mr. Brodie Lee knocked him out with his pile of papers.
  • Alex Abrahantes was back with Speaking Spanglish. Santana and Ortiz demonstrated tiki tiki. Jake Hager assisted. His wife called and sent Dasha Gonzalez to punish him.
  • Colt Cabana was going to approach Kenny Omega, but Michael Nakazawa stopped him. Colt tried to speak in Japanese. Nak informed Colt that he speaks English. Since Colt understood, he thought it meant that he himself speaks Japanese. Nak advised Colt not to disturb Kenny.
  • Cutler was upset about Peter Avalon trying to cheat in their tag team loss. Avalon wanted to win by any means necessary. Cutler wanted to win clean so it will mean something. Avalon left to mull it over.
  • Southern Kaz met with Money Matt about the waters of reincarnation. Hardy tried to sell it to Kaz for $500. Kaz only had $300, so Matt played games with him by turning the water into vodka instead. Kaz eventually coughed up the full amount. The water worked and Kaz turned back into his “Do ya!?!” persona.
  • Private Party didn’t believe it was Matt Jackson wearing a face mask. Matt pulled down his mask and was dead ass.
  • Matt Jackson checked the 50+ demo. He did arts and crafts with oil pastels to draw palm trees and a sunset as a way to draw in the 50+ audience.
  • Mr. Brodie yelled at the Dark Order. 5, 10, and Stu Grayson have been tremendous employees. Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Evil Uno have been idiots. Griff Garrison was on the side watching. Mr. Brodie ordered Silver to throw him out. The highlight was Silver stifling laughter throughout the scene and Mr. Brodie improvising to cover it up.
  • Hangman Page thanked FTR for stepping in to even the odds against the Dark Order last week. Hangman asked them out for a beer at the hotel bar.

The main takeaway from this BTE episode was Hangman hanging with FTR. That could potentially cement a rift with Kenny Omega once he finds out. Colt Cabana better not be there in case Omega explodes and wants to kick his ass.

We’ll close some new merch items. Chris Jericho has a 18:49 demo god shirt, Peter Avalon & Brandon Cutler have a team shirt as The Initiative, and Abadon has her first shirt.

AEW action figures go on sale August 3 at Walmart.

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