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Nick Aldis is not here for Bruce Prichard’s critique of his TNA run

Nick Aldis’ Twitter

On a recent episode of his Something to Wrestle With podcast, WWE’s Executive Director of Raw and SmackDown Bruce Prichard remarked that Nick Aldis lacked the “it factor” during his time in TNA as Magnus. Prichard & Aldis were both at TNA from 2010 - 2013, and briefly again in 2017.

The current NWA Worlds champion did not appreciate the critique, and fired back at Brother Love, first on Twitter...

Then while talking to Bully Ray & Dave LeGreca on Busted Open Radio yesterday:

“Bruce and I spoke on the phone and Bruce claimed ‘I was talking about the Magnus character, I wasn’t talking about Nick Aldis.’ Well, his team uploaded a video and had a picture of me with the NWA Title and they used my name. So, he’s full of shit.

“What he did was expose the fact that he hasn’t been paying attention to anything that’s been going on. When he was running TNA, he wasn’t paying attention. He was asleep. And the reality is, he took a shot, and he tried to give some sort of half-baked reason why he decided to say it, said he was gonna address it - did not, let it breathe, so now he’s getting a receipt. He’s not getting a fucking receipt, he’s getting a fucking invoice, is what he’s getting.

“There’s plenty of Hall of Famers who have a different opinion. He likes to float things out that are subjective and just sort of present them as facts. He lives in this past mentality where he thinks that because he’s in WWE, he can say whatever about someone and that’s the only thing anyone will hear and that will be the opinion that everybody shares. It don’t work like that anymore. Times changed.

“By the time Bruce was relieved of his duties in TNA in 2013, he’d got the viewing figures down to like one million people. Well, by the time I had the World title at the end of that year through the start of 2014, we’d got the average viewing figures back up to 1.3 [million] and peaked at 1.55 million, which was just shy of 1.561 million, which was the lowest Raw rating in history, which is the rating that came out the same week that he decided to trash me on his podcast. Maybe that little extra bit of rating that Raw got, that must be the ‘it factor’ that I don’t have, you know what I mean? Because it can’t be that his entire roster don’t have the ‘it factor.’ God, if only I had the ‘it factor’ that those guys had, I could have just got that extra bit of fucking rating.”

And finally, closing the issue with a couple tweets this morning:

Things like ratings aren’t solely because of one executive or performer, but Aldis is absolutely right that comments made by someone in Prichard’s position can affect a wrestler’s reputation, and therefore an independent contractor’s earning potential.

Good thing he had that invoice handy for Bruce.

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