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Cody’s next indie challenger is revealed

Cody Rhodes’ open challenge for the TNT Championship rages on. Next week will be another independent star. That outside path has paid dividends in excitement so far. First, it was Ricky Starks. He impressed top brass so much that he was rewarded with an AEW contract. Second was Eddie Kingston earlier this week on Dynamite. He brought the promo fire and a sack of thumbtacks. For Cody’s third indie challenge, he will be going to war.

In Coach’s Corner, Arn Anderson analyzed Cody’s performance against Kingston. Arn closed with the tease of who’s next. War!

Arn revealed, “I was a little bit pissed last week, and I didn’t want to let the opponent out of the bag, but I’ll just hit you over the head with it. Next week, we go to war.”

AEW officially let the viking ashore by announcing Cody’s opponent to be WARHORSE.

Cody’s reaction does not seem to be one of enthusiasm.

Cody thinks it will be an easy night.

WARHORSE’s strategy is to rule some ass with hard headbanging.

To learn more about WARHORSE, check out this mini documentary of the transition from Jake Parnell to viking metal warrior. His career began taking off when he found inspiration in the Road Warriors, Sting, KISS, Lobo, and heavy metal bands.

Are you excited to see WARHORSE rule ass on Dynamite?

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