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Robert Stone was run over by a tank... again

Shotzi Blackheart is evil.

Weeks back, she ran over Robert Stone’s leg with her mini-tank after he graciously offered her a spot in his prestigious Robert Stone Brand. Sure, they lose more than they win, but still.

Last week, he distracted Blackheart, costing her a match against newcomer Indi Hartwell. Seemed like fair payback.

This week, Blackheart went up against Stone’s sole client Aliyah. And despite Robbie trying to distract her again, Shotzi was able to pick up the win with a senton.

Most people would just call it a day, but instead, Shotzi opted to escalate by running over Robert Stone’s other leg with a tank! Oh the humanity!

Things went downhill for Shotzi after that.

Mercedes Martinez suddenly attacked Blackheart with a big boot, which she totally deserved giving her crimes against Stone. (On first look, it seem like Mercedes emerged from inside the tank, but on second viewing, that was not the case.) Martinez vs. Blackheart looks to be a program coming our way. And it will be a good one.

As for Robert Stone... we’ll see if he comes out in a Johnny Ace style scooter next week given both of his legs are severely injured.

Poor guy.

You can find the results from tonight’s episode at the live blog here.

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