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AEW Rewind: MJF ready to change the culture, Shida shades Dr. Baker, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

MJF is ready to change AEW’s culture. He does not approve of reckless wrestling. He’s more into the wreck-less style.

This is likely a shot directed at the champ, Jon Moxley. If there is ever an AEW video game, you can use MJF to wrestle in all the car crashes you want. MJF declined a 100 overall ranking in an effort to be humble, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t 100 elsewhere.

Hikaru Shida will be doing an open challenge gimmick, so TNT asked who could step up. Dr. Britt Baker DMD replied with her iconic photo, then Shida slapped her down in response.

Shida’s reply reads just like a line from old kung fu movies. Cue vignettes of Baker hardening her body through ancient training techniques.

Sticking with the women, Brandi Rhodes eluded to starting a tag division. If you missed Dark, check out the segment in tweet form. What caught me eye in Brandi’s message is wondering if something happens on Dynamite.

For what it’s worth, Cody replied with that hallway GIF of him cupping his ear. Could that mean we’ll be seeing some women’s teams bloom tonight on Dynamite?

Chris Jericho teased a big surprise for those Jurassic Express idiots. Could it be the return of Sammy Guevara back from suspension?

A couple new t-shirts dropped. MJF, Darby Allin, and Joey Janela all have sweet gear, but my top pick goes to a limited edition Cody mash-up with Street Fighter.

Cody’s tweet was from yesterday, so tomorrow actually means today (July 22). There are only 200 available of his shirt with M. Bison and Janela’s shirt with Blanka. They might already be sold out by the time you read this.

Being the Elite

“BC 4 Life” - Being The Elite, Ep. 213 (here) is another lengthy episode, so the recap will be briefer than usual. It featured:

  • The Young Bucks reminisced about their Bullet Club times. Flashback to chatting with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Crotch chops 4 life. They made an agreement to form a new company (AEW), but the Good Brothers talked about going to New York (WWE) behind the Bucks’ back.
  • Matt Jackson was impressed about Kenny Omega pouring out the beer from FTR. That is Christian AF. Omega clarified that not drinking was just a lifestyle choice and not due to religion. Omega was interested in Scientology AF.
  • Alex Reynolds and John Silver were back recruiting for the Dark Order. Private Party immediately walked away, so they courted Nyla Rose. Nyla pulled out a silly straw that spelled f-ck you and Silver raged out.
  • Christopher Daniels stood in the rain with a sourpuss expression. He was wearing a worst year ever t-shirt
  • Matt Hardy and his personalities chatted with Matt Jackson. That led to Broken Matt’s Terms in the Inside for heat. Jackson was blown up from being Hardy’s friend. Cue Terms of the Inside part two for blown up.
  • Best Friends and Orange Cassidy still had no ideas for new BTE skits. They planned to kill Brandon Cutler for demanding skits.
  • Hangman Page and Kenny Omega chatted after Dynamite. Omega was upset that Hangman drank with FTR at the bar. Hangman defended FTR pouring beer on Omega by saying Omega kind of deserved it. It wasn’t a big deal. That’s what Carolina boys do. Omega left to sit with the Bucks. They asked about attacking Marko Stunt. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy entered the room. They convinced Omega to check on Stunt in the doctor’s office. Omega apologized for punching Stunt after the bell, but Stunt’s feelings were hurt. He was let down about seeing this behavior from his hero. Omega exited in deep thought then laughed and insulted Stunt’s intestinal fortitude.
  • Colt Cabana was going to creep up on Omega. Griff Garrison made the save to prevent Cabana from dying. Cabana thought Griff was Jungle Boy.
  • Alex Marvez pretended he was Alex Abrahantes for Speaking Spanglish. Santana and Ortiz demonstrated the word fayk. The real Abrahantes returned to kick out fake Alex.
  • The Bucks want all the demo numbers. They didn’t understand 50+ not liking quick Canadian Destroyers and dives. Matt came up with an idea. He showed off a new soothing gardener gimmick to entice 50+.
  • Private Party entered the doctor’s room in pain. The Bucks tried to treat them. Matt was wearing a mask. Private Party didn’t believe it was him until he was dead ass (serious).
  • The Dark Order argued about wearing masks. Mr. Brodie Lee entered in a huff. He was tired of Silver’s complaining. Mr. Brodie beat Silver with two stacks of paper.

The scene (starting at 16:40) that transitions from Omega punching Stunt and then chatting with Hangman, the Young Bucks, and Jurassic Express is worth watching for a little character development. It shows Omega losing his marbles as a nice guy and possibly transitioning into a dickhead. There is lots of salty language that made me laugh. It also explains a little of why Hangman and FTR get along. They are all from the same area and understand each other’s behavior.

We’ll close with some fun of Scorpio Sky and photoshop. Sky posted a generic photo of himself running and asked the internet to do their thing. Check out the full thread (here) for laughs and giggles. I’ll post my favorite three. There are riffs on Boyz n the Hood, Jurassic Park, and a musical quintet.

I can’t wait for the debut album from Scorpio & The Skies. At the least, the music group could become a BTE skit.

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