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Chris Jericho’s cruise postponed due to COVID

Credit where credit is due... Chris Jericho did sell out a cruise in the middle of a pandemic.

Also worthy of credit... the Demo God and his team have realized setting sail in February 2021, when even optimistic public health experts estimate we’d still be in the early stages of a COVID-19 vaccine rollout, wasn’t a smart idea.

This potentially also changes AEW’s plans, since the company was set to provide the “wrestling” part of the “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea.” In January 2020 that included a pair of Bash at the Beach-themed Dynamite episodes, one from Miami before the cruise departed, and one from the boat itself.

Given the state of the world, Tony Khan’s plans probably aren’t set for next year yet anyway.

Hopefully we’ll all be in a healthier, safer place when Triple Whammy heads for the Bahamas next fall.

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