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AAA postpones Triplemania and announces a unique experiment to put on shows

Good news and bad news for AAA aficionados.

We’ll start with the bad news and rip it off like a band-aid. On a conference call yesterday (July 20), vice president Dorian Roldan announced that Triplemania XXVIII will be postponed from the planned date of August 22. It is not realistically possible due to the coronavirus. AAA is exploring possibilities to have the event later in 2020, but that all depends on the pandemic status in Mexico over the coming months.

The announced matches had been Pagano vs Chessman in hair vs hair, a five-way international champion fight, and a tag tournament that would have culminated at Triplemania with mask vs mask between partners. The teams were Myzteziz Jr. & Octagon Jr., La Parka Negra & Dave the Clown, Aerostar & Drago, and Fenix & Pentagon. Roldan mentioned that the card may change in the future, but it will keep the core rivalries.

On to the good news. AAA will be experimenting with a unique concept to provide live lucha libre once they get the green light from health authorities. Drum roll, please...

Introducing Auto Luchas!

The idea is to have live wrestling matches in the parking lot of Six Flags in Mexico City, while fans watch from inside their cars, similar to a drive-in movie theater. AAA plans to run various shows per day on weekends. Matches will be singles bouts, or maybe tag team, with only national talent. AAA won’t be flying in international stars, such as Megacampeon Kenny Omega.

Roldan explained that AAA will do everything in their power to follow the highest standards of sanitation. Wrestlers will be tested and sprayed down with disinfectant. The ring will be cleaned between matches. Tickets will be digital. Fans will not be allowed to exit their vehicles, and face masks are mandatory. Cars will have a limit of four people. Larger vehicles, such as SUVs and Suburbans, will have a limit of seven people. There will be a radio frequency to listen to AAA commentary.

No dates have been announced yet. Roldan said that they could begin in as quickly as two weeks. AAA is waiting for the go-ahead from health officials. If the Auto Luchas concept is successful, then they will analyze the potential to bring it to other cities in Mexico.

Roldan did not confirm that these shows will be taped for TV, however, he strongly hinted at that being a likely scenario. AAA has been holding off on empty arena shows, since their business model relies so heavily on ticket revenue. They aren’t kept afloat from juicy TV contracts in the same way as WWE and AEW.

Thumbs up to AAA for getting creative. The Auto Luchas concept sounds like a fun novelty. I’m interested to see how AAA embraces the atmosphere to create memorable moments. It reminds me of street fighting movies, like Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Lionheart.


In a final bit of good news, Roldan confirmed that there have been zero positive coronavirus cases on the AAA roster.

What do you think about the Auto Luchas concept? Would you visit a hypothetical show near you?

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