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Gallows & Anderson make a timely appearance on Being The Elite

Matt & Nick Jackson would never miss a chance to wink at a hot dirt sheet story. And after a weekend where their former Bullet Club stablemates Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson were the talk of the wrestling web, you knew the duo would at least get name-dropped on Being The Elite.

The Young Bucks do much more than that in the episode that dropped today (July 20), embedded above and entitled “BC 4 Life”. An old t-shirt caused Matt to “flashback” to a conversation in a Tokyo hotel room from “2016” the brothers had with the Good Brothers.

Gallows & Anderson promise not to leave The Bucks for New York (aka WWE) the way AJ Styles and Fergal (Finn Bálor) Devitt did. Matt & Nick talk to their friends about “a little idea” they have to start a wrestling company, possibly on New Year’s Eve 2019 “give or take”, maybe with a show on TNT might pick up. The Good Brothers agree, and even Too Sweet on it, but as soon as The Bucks are out the door they’re laughing about the idea, calling them marks & “vanilla little people,” and talking about their plans to sign with New York.

The parting shot is a joke about how Gallows is gonna work with both Pauls in WWE and knows “neither one of them would fucking lie to me.”

A pretty standard episode of BTE follows, continuing most of their running bits and furthering the tension between Kenny Omega & Hangman Page. And don’t worry, there’s also ratings talk! The Bucks are envious of NXT winning the over 50 demographic, so Matt unveils a new segment he thinks will lure in “grandma and grandpa”...

Being The Elite on YouTube

Too sweet.

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