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Robert Stone gets his revenge

Shotzi deserved it.

Robert Stone hasn’t been having a great time of it. Last week was arguably his worst when Shotzi Blackheart ran over his leg with her mini-tank after she rejected his offer to join his Robert Stone Brand.

This week, he’d get some revenge.

Blackheart was in action against Indi Hartwell, who was having her first NXT singles match. Hartwell acquitted herself well, but it looked like Shotzi was going to put the match away. That’s when Robert Stone hobbled down to the ring in a walking boot (!) to distract the green haired superstar.

When the referee was dealing with Robbie, Blackheart tried to focus on the match again. But Aliyah sneaked to the other side of the ring and pushed Shotzi off the top rope, costing her the match.

Beth Phoenix on commentary claimed that Robbie was walking fine after all of that, but it’s clear she has an anti-Robert Stone agenda.

Now Indi Hartwell has a big first NXT win. And Shotzi Blackheart has an L in the record books that she brought onto herself by viciously attacking Robert Stone last week.

You can find the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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