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Cody plays heel against Sonny Kiss

Fight for the Fallen kicked off tonight (July 15) with Cody defending the TNT championship against Sonny Kiss. The was the biggest match of Sonny’s career, and his entrance was befitting of such a night:

Jim Ross said this should be an easy win for Cody, and Cody didn’t seem to take his opponent all that seriously either. Arn Anderson had to yell at Cody and tell him to get his head out of his ass for showing off too much in the early going with unnecessary push-ups.

Kiss brought the fight to Cody and even nailed him with his own finisher, Cross Rhodes, as well as a 450 splash. The champ was resilient enough to withstand it all and still kick out.

Cody came back with a Vertebreaker, but that also wasn’t enough for the win. Rhodes was frustrated with the referee and almost got caught in a roll up while arguing with Aubrey Edwards.

Cody continued his heel-like mannerisms by pulling off the turnbuckle padding, but it backfired and almost cost him the TNT championship.

Kiss made one mistake after that, and Cody capitalized with a sick Cross Rhodes, leading to victory.

Cody played heel in this match, but if you had any worries about that being an enduring characteristic, those concerns were put to rest when he embraced Sonny after the match was over.

What did you think of Cody vs. Sonny Kiss?

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