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Jon Moxley returns, and so does Darby Allin

After their match was postponed at Fyter Fest, Jon Moxley returned to Dynamite tonight (July 15) to defend his AEW world championship against the FTW champion, Brian Cage. This was the main event match of Fight for the Fallen.

Cage’s power was tough for Moxley to deal with. Taz has tried to convince us that being the FTW champion is all about conveying a badass mindset. That might be true, but I think it’s also about German suplexing your opponent onto a guardrail.

The momentum changed after Cage missed a moonsault. Moxley hit him with a Paradigm Shift shortly thereafter, but it wasn’t enough to keep the big man down.

The champ was relentless, viciously working over Cage’s arm looking for a tap out (or worse). Cage could not break the grapevined Fujiwara armbar, but he would not give up. That’s when Taz threw in the towel on his man.

Jon Moxley is still your AEW world champion.

After the match, Cage attacked Moxley with the FTW title. The lights in Daily’s Place suddenly went out. Was it a power outage?

Nope, it was Darby Allin, who returned to attack Cage with his skateboard.

Was Moxley vs. Cage worth the wait?

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