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Taz explains what the FTW championship is all about

Taz brought back the FTW championship at Fyter Fest night two (July 8) and declared Brian Cage the new champ.

With Jon Moxley returning to defend the AEW world title against Cage next week (July 15) on Dynamite, it made the sudden return of the FTW title feel a bit pointless. If Cage beats Moxley for the AEW world championship, then the FTW title isn’t needed going forward. If Cage loses against Moxley, then the FTW title doesn’t mean much around his waist.

Taz took to Twitter to explain that the FTW championship shouldn’t be looked at like a typical title. It’s more about the mindset that goes with it:

As someone who enjoyed Taz’s work in ECW from the 90’s when he carried the FTW championship, I can see the distinction he’s making here. Taz’s mindset was no-nonsense ass-kicking and toughness while raising a middle finger to the world. That was captured with the way he carried the FTW championship.

But that was then. The question I have now is, how well does Brian Cage exude this same mindset? Taz is still one of the best talkers in the business, but Cage is the guy holding the title today. That mindset needs to be demonstrated by him.

Are you buying what Taz is selling about the meaning of the FTW championship?

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