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Lucha Libre Roundup: AAA pregnancy, Sexy Star in women’s tournament, more!

Welcome to the Lucha Libre Roundup. There is cheerful news of a baby on the way for a AAA couple and an indie women’s tournament headlined by Sexy Star.

We’ll start with the happy news. Australian Suicide and Vanilla Vargas are having a baby.

Congratulations to the stylish duo. Here’s to hoping a second generation fashionista will make way to AAA in the future.

Back to the same old question. When will AAA and CMLL lucha libre events return? We’re getting closer but still no firm answer. The countrywide state stoplight map for coronavirus warnings was not updated this week due to faulty information, as claimed by Health Secretary Hugo López-Gatell. Mexico City remained orange and classified specific neighborhoods as red. That makes their third week in a row as orange, which is good news toward a yellow shift and potential lucha libre shows.

The big circle on the calendar is August 22 for AAA’s Triplemania XXVIII. Luchablog did the figuring that Triplemania seems unlikely for that date.

The line-up was supposed to have big stakes for each match, but that was before the coronavirus pandemic slowed down AAA storylines. The first major bout announced was Pagano vs Chessman in hair vs hair, but I don’t think that was intended as the main event. There has been no news about the Triplemania card since Pagano and Chessman brawled at the first press conference back in March.

As for CMLL, they are eyeing empty arena shows, but no dates have been mentioned. CMLL is waiting for authorization from both the city government and the Lucha Libre Commission before they make a plan.

That doesn’t mean there is no lucha libre at all. Mas Lucha is returning with another Torneo Supremo. This time it is for the ladies. The eight luchadora list consists of:

  • Sexy Star
  • Ayako Hamada
  • Zeuxis
  • Diosa Quetzal
  • Lolita
  • Ludark Shaitan
  • Baby Love
  • Reina Dorada

Sexy Star and Ayako Hamada are the stars of the group. That would be a final worth tuning in for. I’m not very familiar with the talent level of the other six competitors.

The tournament will be available on a new Mas Lucha channel for a monthly cost of 99 pesos (about $5 US, depending on the exchange rate). July 18 is the air date.

Other newsworthy notes:

  • Chris Jericho sent a message of fond remembrance on the one year anniversary of the death of Paco Alonso. Alonso was owner of CMLL.
  • Get your lucha libre fix with primo matches from CMLL. They posted the 70th Anniversary headlined by Tarzan Boy vs Shocker in hair vs hair (here) and the 82nd Anniversary headlined by Atlantis vs La Sombra (aka WWE’s Andrade) in mask vs mask (here).
  • AAA is in talks about a training partnership for young luchadores with indie promotion IWRG.
  • El Rey Network added classic lucha libre movies to their television schedule for Saturday nights.

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