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Minoru Suzuki pulled from this weekend’s New Japan events due to fever

Before the start of their New Japan Cup Final earlier today (July 11), NJPW announced Minoru Suzuki would miss that show and Sunday’s Dominion event because he’s running a fever.

In their announcement, New Japan stressed that the 52 year old tested negative for COVID-19 after wrestling a week ago. and has had no contact with their roster since that time. The move is in line with the event policy the promotion published prior to resuming shows after their months-long pandemic shutdown.

After Dominion. New Japan has four more shows with fans in attendance scheduled this month.

Suzuki was replaced in an eight-man tag at today’s New Japan Cup Final by Yoshinobu Kanemaru. Full results from that show are here.

He was not booked for Dominion; the final card for Sunday’s event hasn’t been announced as of this writing.

Join us in sending Suzuki-gun’s leader cooling wishes for good health.

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