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AEW Fallout: Dark Order’s Cult Cabana, Shawn Spears’ Four Horsemen tease, more!

Night 2 of Fyter Fest (July 8, 2020) is in the books. The big stories coming out of the show were Hangman Page & Kenny Omega retaining their tag titles and Orange Cassidy looking like a star in defeat to Chris Jericho. The fallout includes another carrot thrown to Colt Cabana in his recruitment by the Dark Order, Shawn Spears teasing a Four Horsemen faction, and a sass session between Dr. Britt Baker and Brandi Rhodes over Big Swole’s suspension.

Colt Cabana still has not joined the Dark Order, but he does have a snazzy new t-shirt to sweeten the deal courtesy of Evil Uno. It is a nice design touch to break off the top of the O to make his name look like Cult Cabana.

I don’t know what more Mr. Brodie Lee & the Creeps need to do in this recruitment pitch. At some point, Cabana has to make a choice and Mr. Brodie will then test his loyalty. What dastardly scenario could it be? It is too late to ruin the puppy battle royal.

Shawn Spears caused a stir with not so subtle hints at a four-man faction with Cody Rhodes and FTR. Cody and FTR played along as well.

Cody also mentioned FTR as his favorite 80s tag team. These four are being so blatantly obvious about a new Four Horsemen that it makes me think a swerve is in the works.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD suffered another injury. This time at the hands of Reba via Big Swole’s malfeasance. It put Baker back in the hospital... maybe. The photo looks suspiciously like Baker’s broken nose against Hikaru Shida. Leave it to Cody to throw subtle shade by misspelling her name again.

Cody wasn’t the only Rhodes family member taking a jab. Brandi had a little back and forth with the good doctor.

Brandi’s blunt shit-talking always cracks me up. Once Dr. Baker teaches Big Swole a lesson, she’ll need a partner to take care of the Nightmare Sisters.

Tony Khan thanked AEW viewers for investing their time watching Fyter Fest.

I’ve seen the same sentiment expressed in the past by Cody and the Young Bucks. This message makes me a fan of Khan and the crew. I appreciate the acknowledgement that time is valuable. I can’t say that I get the same sense when watching other promotions. Whenever I watch AEW, it always feels like they are putting out maximum effort and no broadcast has felt like a waste of time so far in their brief history. Thanks!

We’ll close with a Twitter thread of dogs and their AEW counterpart from friggin bonies. The fan-made list is too long to post, but check it out for yourself here. My top three go to Hangman Page, Chris Jericho, and Santana & Ortiz.

Do you think Colt Cabana will become a member of the Dark Order? Is the grouping of Cody Rhodes, FTR, and Shawn Spears a good fit as a foursome? Who won the trash-talk exchange between Dr. Britt Baker DMD and Brandi Rhodes?

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