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Jake Hager crosses the line after losing to Cody

Cody Rhodes and Jake Hager battled over the TNT championship on night one (July 1) of Fyter Fest.

Cody knew he had to pull out all the stops to take down the big man, including some well-timed interference from Arn Anderson, and a figure four leglock.

But Hager was too rock hard to stay down, and he choked Arn, before landing a German suplex on Cody on the outside of the ring.

Cody was beat down for a while until he finally reversed the momentum of the match by landing a double jump springboard cutter. He followed it up with a running powerslam, but Hager had more left in the tank.

Hager eventually slapped on an ankle lock, but Cody reached the ropes to break the hold. That’s when Hager’s wife slapped Cody in the face. Dustin Rhodes ran down to even the odds, punching Hager in the face.

Jake recovered to hit a Rock Bottom on Cody that he immediately turned into his arm triangle finisher on the mat, but Cody rolled over to hold Hager’s shoulders down for the win. Cody is still the TNT champion.

Hager was frustrated after the match and knocked out the ref, leading to a bunch of people coming out from the locker room to keep things from escalating even further. The non-Jericho commentators played it up like Hager crossed the line with his post-match actions.

What did you think of Jake Hager’s latest singles match in AEW?

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