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AEW Dark recap (June 9, 2020): Meet the Dark Order’s newest member

Episode 37 of AEW Dark featured a new member of the Dark Order, more in the developing soap opera between QT Marshall, Allie, Brandi Rhodes, and Dustin Rhodes, and Jon Moxley in non-title action for the main event.

Here’s the lineup with ratings (watch, solid, okay, pass) on which matches are worth your time toward Dynamite:

  • Low Rida & Fuego del Sol vs SCU (okay)
  • Lee Johnson vs 5 (aka Alan Angels) (solid)
  • Musa & Brady Pierce vs Santana & Ortiz (okay)
  • Pineapple Pete & Anthony Catena vs Butcher & Blade (pass)
  • Zack Clayton vs QT Marshall (solid)
  • Sonny Kiss vs Christopher Daniels (solid)
  • Peter Avalon & Brandon Cutler vs Jurassic Express (okay)
  • Robert Anthony vs Jon Moxley (okay)

Lee Johnson vs 5 and Zack Clayton vs QT Marshall were okay matches, but they get upgraded to solid status due to storyline purposes. It showed the Dark Order welcoming a new member, and Allie being a rabble-rouser to interfere with the Natural Nightmares’ harmony. Sonny Kiss vs Christopher Daniels is my pick as best of the bunch. It was the most competitive. Jon Moxley had an extended showcase in a full-length match for the main event.

Watch the show here.

Excalibur and Taz were on commentary. Dasha Gonzalez was the ring announcer.

Low Rida & Fuego del Sol vs SCU

Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky represented SCU. SCU handled their business. For the finish, Kaz hit Low Rida with a guillotine leg drop through the ropes to dispose of the newcomer. Fuego del Sol was on the receiving end of an SCU-Later for Sky to pick up the pin.

We were then treated to a backstage promo from the Dark Order inside a moving van. They announced Alan Angels as the newest member. Mr. Brodie Lee welcomed him into the group.


Lee Johnson vs 5 (aka Alan Angels)

5 was accompanied by 10, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver. They watched from the entrance ramp. Johnson had control early with his speed, but 5 turned the tide by tossing Johnson off the ramp into the ring post. 5 focused his attack on Johnson’s arm and shoulder. Johnson still fought hard and almost won after a flipping tope and a Blue Thunder Bomb. 5 got back on track by tenderizing Johnson’s arm then hitting a DDT on the apron. Enter Mr. Brodie Lee for encouragement. 5 closed the bout out with a boots-to-the-back spinebreaker maneuver.

After the win, Mr. Brodie motioned to the other Dark Order members to pick at Johnson’s bones like vultures with their high impact moves. Mr. Brodie was pleased with his minions.

Musa & Brady Pierce vs Santana & Ortiz

Santana & Ortiz dominated their competition. Top move was a flying stomp cutter combo.

Santana & Ortiz finished with a step-up cannonball senton onto both Musa and Pierce then the Street Sweeper to Musa landing on top of Pierce.

QTizzle Marshall was excited to show Dustin Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes a new t-shirt design. He informed Dustin that their tag match was off. QT felt that Dustin was a legend and deserved the rest. Dustin was annoyed that he already painted his face. QT handed each of them a XXXXXXL shirt designed by Allie. The shirt image was revealed to be QT huge in the center with little Brandi and little Dustin flanking him on the side. Brandi immediately blurt out in anger, “Who the fuck is this for?” QT tried to massage the situation by asking them to wear it as a show of support, since Allie worked hard on it.


Pineapple Pete & Anthony Catena vs Butcher & Blade

B&B bulldozed their opponents. A suplex into a backbreaker was the winning move for Butcher and Blade.

Zack Clayton vs QT Marshall

Clayton’s claim to fame is being the boyfriend of JWoww from Jersey Shore. Dustin Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, and Allie all came out with QT. Allie went to commentary, while the two Rhodes were ringside. Allie fawned over Cutie’s show-off moves. After QT ate a dropkick, Allie left the table to check on her man.

Clayton manhandled QT with a delayed vertical suplex and a powerslam. Clayton wanted to turn it up a notch by removing the turnbuckle pad. Brandi hopped up onto the apron to protest. QT charged to attack Clayton and knocked Brandi down to the floor in the process. QT hit a backbreaker to facebuster combo. Instead of going for the pin, he checked on Brandi, who had an injured wrist. Allie then shouted in pain about a broken nail to steal back QT’s attention.

For the finish, Clayton was in control and climbed the corner, but Allie grabbed his boot to prevent any high flying. QT seized the moment for a big cutter to win. Afterward, Dustin came in to celebrate with a double high five. QT ducked under to hug Allie.

Sonny Kiss vs Christopher Daniels

Kiss used his finesse to stifle Daniels, so CD turned up his intensity for a rugged attack. CD worked slightly heel and almost lost his cool at referee Aubrey Edwards for a separation in the corner. It was back and forth after that. CD used his savvy to surprise Kiss with an Angel’s Wings slam to win.

Peter Avalon & Brandon Cutler vs Jurassic Express

Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt represented Jurassic Express. Leva Bates and Jungle Boy were ringside. Luchasaurus controlled the action with his power, while Stunt used his speed to overcome. Avalon and Cutler had a couple of close pinfalls, but they couldn’t pull out the win. In the end, Avalon ate two Tail Whip kicks from Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt, a double chokeslam, then a standing moonsault from the dinosaur. That was enough for a Jurassic Express victory.

Robert Anthony vs Jon Moxley

Brian Cage came out to observe as Taz ran his mouth during this non-title affair. The bout lasted about 13 minutes. Moxley used mat work to wear down Anthony then exploded for a suicide dive and a figure-four around the ring post. Commentary put over how Moxley was trying to send a message to Cage. Anthony eventually had a spurt of offense culminating with a DVD. Mox refocused to get the win via Texas Cloverleaf submission.

Bonus points to Jon Moxley for putting in work to entertain viewers, but it wasn’t as effective as intended since his opponent wasn’t a roster regular. I agree with Taz, “Beat the guy already. Enough of this bullshit.” If Mox was trying to send a message to Brian Cage, it was not an impressive one. Maybe it was mind games to lull Cage into a false sense of security.

Good to see the Dark Order continuing to increase their numbers. Alan Angels is a nice pick. He has skills in the ring, but he doesn’t have much of a ceiling in AEW as himself. Becoming 5 could give new life to his career. It was odd to see their ceremony occurring in the back of a moving truck. I wonder if Mr. Brodie Lee leveraged payment on their home office with the belief that his wealth would grow after winning the World Championship. Too bad Moxley retained at Double or Nothing. I guess the Dark Order is now a traveling band of gypsies living out of the back of a van (down by the river).

The saga between QT Marshall, Allie, Brandi Rhodes, and Dustin Rhodes is comedic gold. It is a perfect story to play out on Dark. Brandi stole the show with her furious curse word. I was not expecting that and erupted in laughter. I thought the finish bump for Brandi was a bit much. It seemed like she milked the pain as more of a shot to her ego than her wrist. This tale has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the swerve of evil from Allie.

Too bad there is no live crowd. I’d love to see how well Allie’s Natural Nightmares t-shirt would sell and how many fans would wear it on TV. That would be a funny wrinkle if sales took off. Imagine Brandi’s reaction as a character.

I was impressed by Santana & Ortiz, Zack Clayton, and Luchasaurus. Santana & Ortiz were an efficient, well-oiled machine. They look ready to rise back up the tag team rankings. Clayton showed nice power moves and a mean streak. He’s a well-built lad that could add size to the roster. I loved Luchasaurus’ increased aggression. He was growling like a maniac as he took over the match. That is the kind of thing that makes me take him serious as a future title contender. His mean streak is much more entertaining than the comedic marginalization shtick as a prehistoric reptile.

Share you thoughts on Dark. Who stood out most for episode 37?

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