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The Greatest Movie Trailer Ever

Listen, I’m the kind of guy that if you tell me there’s a B-movie about a master thief who has to assemble a crew for the proverbial “one last job” - I’m gonna consider watching it.

I learn its wrinkle on the heist flick genre is that the target is an aerial casino? I’m almost definitely checking it out.

Come to find out this thing stars Edge, Fraiser, and a man who once got knocked through a wall with a toilet by Kevin Nash*? And it’s called Money Plane?

Sign me the f*** up!

Quiver Distribution

And check out this trailer! Edge is somehow snapping necks with telephone cords! Sideshow Bob is evil monologuing! Tom Jane smokes a pipe and pilots drones! Even looks like we’re getting everyone’s favorite trope... good-hearted thief has to double cross the big bad to save his family!

I’m sold. In case you couldn’t tell.

Here’s the synopsis, and the details on when you can order this bad boy.

Directed by Andrew Lawrence, Money Plane features Adam Copeland as Jack Reese, a professional thief who has a massive debt taken over by crime kingpin Darius Grouch III aka “The Rumble” (Kelsey Grammar). Grouch promises to forgive the debt, but only if Reese, his best friend Harry (Thomas Jane) and their team can rob a “bulletproof casino in the sky” known as the Money Plane.

The film will be released July 10 on all digital platforms.


Is it next month yet?

* I actually really like Thomas Jane. He’s been great in all kinds of things for a long time now, from playing Mickey Mantle in 61* to the lead in the ultimate downer-ending horror movie, Frank Darabont’s other, other Stephen King adaption The Mist, to a turn as Frank Castle that deserved a better movie around his performance, to his current role on Amazon’s The Expanse. But I figured the joke about fighting Big Sexy in The Punisher fit best here.

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