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MLW Pulp Fusion: Injustice reveals new member

MLW is back with Pulp Fusion (June 4, 2020) to advance storylines while live events are on the backburner due to the coronavirus pandemic. Injustice revealed their newest member, Tom Lawlor has a new haircut, Los Parks are looking for payback on the Contra Unit, and Aria Blake had to be censored.

The format of Pulp Fusion is a quick cut montage of promos intermixed with each other. Let’s break it down:

  • Myron Reed informed us that the revolution starts now. It is being televised. The newest member of Injustice has been working his ass off for years. People have been sleeping on him. If he was white, he would have been signed years ago. It is exactly what Injustice is about. After lots of speculation, it is time to tell us who.
  • Zenshi was practicing for a role in Bloodsport with backflips in the forest and hanging upside down from a tree.
  • Gino Medina isn’t worried about the Contra Unit. He is only worried about himself, and also the mamacitas. The cameraman was too close, so Medina broke out his ruler for social distancing.
  • The Von Erich brothers grappled on the beach while Kevin observed. Marshall and Ross then went fishing with spears.
  • Today was the day for Mance Warner to work on the Triple Tower of Doom, but then he started drinking light beers. He was shouting at Moonman to get back to work. Ole Mancer didn’t want Moonman spending the night again.
  • Tom Lawlor shaved his hair off to protect himself. He’s mad at fans throwing garbage, Kevin Von Erich trying to steal his identity with the same birthday, being threatened with a sword, and his food being poisoned at a Hawaiian BBQ. He’s going to take the tag team titles from the thieving Von Erichs.
  • Alexander Hammerstone played, “The Star Spangled Banner,” on guitar. Hammerman has been National Openweight Championship for one year. He is the most must-see wrestler in MLW. While Hammerhead fans are waiting for his return to the ring, go to for merch.
  • LA Park’s sons had a message for Contra. There will be payback for attacking LA Park. They will spill blood on the Contra flag. Contra will feel the fury and force of Los Parks.
  • Richard Holliday shaved his mustache after too many Caribbean women gravitated toward him.
  • Jordan Oliver teased revealing the newest member of Injustice. The information was in a top secret envelope. It is time to open the letter.
  • Alicia Atout was excited to host an interview with Colonel Robert Parker. Parker was sitting on the couch with Aria Blake, whose crotch was blurred from her short dress. They were making plans for a sexual rendezvous.
  • Introducing Saieve Al Sabah as the newest member of Injustice. Everyone talks about wanting justice. Justice for MLW, for your crusade. Injustice has their own injustices to right. Al Sabah is known as the child of the 8th day. He will weaponize your mind, body, and soul. The revolution has arrived.

The big news coming out of Pulp Fusion is the announcement of Saieve Al Sabah joining Injustice. I’ve never heard of him before, so I can’t provide any opinionated analysis. lists him as 6 feet, 216 pounds. He has been wrestling 3 to 4 years and was trained by Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley at Team 3D Academy. Last Word on Wrestling has a written profile of his career with match videos. Al Sabah worked his way up in the Florida territory and even wrestled for MLW in 2017. He progressed to the Mid Atlantic region for work with Evolve and GCW. 411mania has an interesting interview about Al Sabah’s approach to promos.

Who stole the show in this episode of Pulp Fusion? What is your reaction to Saieve Al Sabah first promo as a member of Injustice?

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