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The best commentator in wrestling returns to Dynamite next week

Empty arena wrestling is a strange thing, and it’s worse than standard pro wrestling in almost every single way. That’s one of the reasons why Chris Jericho’s performance as an AEW commentator throughout the month of April was delightful to witness. When everything else in AEW was dull and silent and full of Shawn Spears segments, Jericho always had some smart ass remark to get a laugh out of the home audience, as well as his fellow commentators in AEW.

His absence from the booth stood out to me the most when watching that slog of an AEW world championship match between Jon Moxley and Jake Hager in a silent arena, with only Jim Ross on commentary. If there was ever a match that needed an injection of Jericho, that was it.

Well if you enjoyed Jericho’s commentary in April as much as I did, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that he’s back in the commentary booth on next week’s (June 10) edition of Dynamite:

Le Champion did just begin an angle with both Mike Tyson and Orange Cassidy in recent weeks, so he’ll surely have plenty of words directed at those two guys.

Are you excited to see Jericho back on commentary next week? And more importantly, does this mean we might get another Bubbly Bunch segment?

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