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AEW Rewind: Tully Blanchard mad at Shawn Spears, DDP’s secrets to the Diamond Cutter, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

Tully Blanchard is mad at Shawn Spears. After what he has seen the last few months, he decided to cancel the tag team search. Blanchard was angry at being on the crotch of Spears’ underwear. Tully ripped into Spears with a must-see fiery promo.

Outstanding verbal outburst from Blanchard. It could be the beginning of change for Spears or the beginning of the end to their relationship.

QT Marshall came back to visit DDP. DDP provided technique advice about executing the Diamond Cutter.

FTR will have a sitdown interview on Dynamite. Dax Harwood can’t wait to bury everybody. Cody Rhodes may be a little concerned about if they know what he’s said about them over the years. If you aren’t aware, enjoy this compilation. Language warning.

Here’s an interesting question and answer from Cody about his TNT Championship open challenge.

Who would you like to see come from out of town to challenge Cody?

Potential good news for Pentagon fans. He might currently be in the USA. That is assuming this photo from Fenix is new.

Pentagon had been in Mexico unable to travel across the border due to coronavirus restrictions. Don’t expect Pentagon to show up tonight on Dynamite, since I believe this episode was taped last Thursday. When Pentagon does return, he can pick up where his injured brother left off by freshly squeezing Orange Cassidy.

Speaking of Orange, he was a guest on the latest episode of A Shot of Brandi (here). OC fans will enjoy this show. They drank screwdrivers and made orange chicken. Cassidy addressed the reasons that rile him up for a fight. Don’t hurt his friends and don’t chop him. Brandi seemed a little tipsy. She had mentioned shooting three episodes in the same day. Part of the show is to drink booze, so who knows how many drinks deep she was. It was comical though.

Being the Elite

“Gig” - Being The Elite, Ep. 206 (here) featured:

  • Brandon Cutler fetched the Elite for media duties. They all complained. 5 minutes later, Cutler returned. The Elite tried to get out of it with a fake blood attack and blaming QT Marshall, New Jack, Arn Anderson, and Tully Blanchard. The scheme was revealed to be ketchup and vampire blood, but Matt Jackson actually cut himself with a razor blade. That transitioned to Matt Hardy’s terms of the inside for gig.
  • Public Swole Announcement. Don’t consume Lysol.
  • TH2 insulted the Dark Order and the Jurassic Express. As members of the All Elite inquisition, it is their duty to cleanse the heretics.
  • Kenny Omega was looking for Colt Cabana to punch him in the face. Omega approached Harrington thinking it was Cabana. Harrington made Omega cower in fear.
  • Best Friends and Orange Cassidy tried to come up with a new BTE skit. They could only think of lame ideas and stories that had already been done.
  • Dustin Rhodes met with Benigno Bodega for advice. He tried to find out about Allie. Dustin left and Allie was sitting in his place.
  • Part 2 of Private Party’s fight against Bonez and Bear. Bear kicked their butts. He took control by shooting machine guns out of his eyes. Bonez was going to climb the ladder to win the match, but EJ saved the day with video game moves. Bear came back with an exploding senton off the roof. Bonez and Bear climbed the ladder to retrieve the $12 and win.
  • Matt Hardy was chattering when Hangman Page just noticed him. He didn’t realize it was Matt Hardy. The Elite tried to explain the back story of all Hardy’s characters. Hardy touched Hangman and believed it was actually Benjamin Franklin’s essence.

We’ll close with an offer of a life-time. The Inner Circle’s Stadium Stampede champion shirts are available for sale with Pro Wrestling Tees. Now is your chance to own a piece of history.

On Chris Jericho’s Saturday Night Special, Le Champion answered questions about filming the Stadium Stampede. You can watch that video or read an interview with Sports Illustrated. It is basically the same information. The key tidbit was the bout being the blow-off for the current feud between the Inner Circle and the Elite. Jericho is now firmly focused on his new beef with Mike Tyson. He doesn’t anticipate a wrestling match against Tyson. It will be boxing or a street fight.

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