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AEW Fallout: Orange Cassidy damaged his favorite ear, Brandi threatened Hager’s wife, more!

The big stories coming out of Dynamite (June 24, 2020) were Jake Hager’s wife throwing water on Cody Rhodes as well as Orange Cassidy and Chris Jericho brawling on the way to Fyter Fest. Fallout from the show includes Darby Allin doing zip line dropkicks as he waits to be medically cleared, Brandi Rhodes threatening Catalina Hager, Cassidy getting stitches in his ear, and other goodies.

Orange Cassidy needed medical assistance after duking it out with Chris Jericho. Le Champion damaged OC’s favorite ear. It might develop into cauliflower ear. The Best Friends handled the humorous hype job while OC received treatment.

Jericho better be careful. Cauliflower ear on Cassidy’s favorite ear might motivate him to murder Le Champion.

The TNT Championship press conference ended with fire and ice as Jake Hager made Cody Rhodes hot under the collar then Catalina Hager cooled Cody off with a glass of water to the face. Brandi Rhodes was not pleased. She had fighting words for Catalina, but Catalina shut her down in response.

Big match Cody always delivers big shenanigans. Brandi scuffling with Catalina is one shenanigan I’m really looking forward to. Let them fight!

During the press conference, you may have noticed Cody referring to the TNT title as Ruth. Here’s why.

Poor Ricky Starks. He tried to do a good deed by helping to separate Hikaru Shida from Penelope Ford. His reward was a 1-2 combo in the form of a back elbow from Shida and a looping punch from Ford.

I hope that turns into a recurring bit for Starks whenever he breaks up fisticuffs.

MJF is ready for Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. His message is actually quite insightful.

Darby Allin is still not medically cleared to wrestle. That hasn’t stopped him from practicing a zip line dropkick.

Imagine Allin executing that in front of a live AEW crowd. The decibel level of the reaction would blow the roof to smithereens.

Allin also has a custom skateboard deck.

We’ll close with the unveiling of a new temporary tattoo gimmick of Cody’s Nightmare Family ink. Enjoy Cody, Arn Anderson, Tony Schiavone, and production man Trevor with the product debut.

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