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Robert Stone is still having a sucky time of it

Last week, a complete mess of a Robert Stone vomited in the ring, helping Aliyah win a match. He soon signed Aliyah and was hopeful that the Robert Stone Brand was back on track.

It was very much not.

Once again, he tried to recruit Rhea Ripley, telling the former NXT Women’s champion that he never gives second chances but she’s getting the golden ticket to get on the Robert Stone train. He followed that with some over the top “Choo choo” sounds that may have been the highlight of the night.

Once again, Rhea Ripley punched him in the gut and wouldn’t you know it, there was a dumpster right there for her to toss him into. His new client Aliyah tried to stand up for him, but that just added some fuel to her match with the Nightmare later.

That match later was a very one-sided affair. Aliyah had no chance against Ripley, who may not have even been taking this that seriously. Robert Stone tried to interfere by throwing his shoe at Ripley.

It caused her to give chase but didn’t help Aliyah get the win. Ripley won with the Riptide.

The new Robert Stone Brand are 0-1. But next week, Stone and Aliyah will go 2 on 1 against Rhea Ripley. If they win, Rhea has to join the Robert Stone Brand.

Will the new RSB be 0-2 next week or have a blue chip member?

You can find all the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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