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Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela beat dudes up in SloMo at a gas station

Who’s in the mood for a vignette with fabulous fashion, cool cars, late night snack shopping, and friendship bonding over beating up dudes at a gas station in slow motion? I hope you answered affirmatively, because that’s exactly what AEW offered with the latest video building backstory for the tag team of Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela.

Check out the awesome scene.

Bean burrito to the face for the win!

This vignette was fantastic. It gave me Lucha Underground flashbacks. I totally thought Sonny was going to light that goon on fire, or maybe Joey was going to accidentally toss a lit match in that direction after blazing a blunt.

The best part was Joey displaying subtle satisfaction as he stares at the camera in the end to signify he found a way out of his despair. That kind of storytelling makes me want to root for these two. Before, Kiss and Janela were just a blend of fun personalities as a budding tag team. Now, I feel invested in their success.

Please AEW, give us more of these types of stories every single week on Dynamite.

Did this vignette make you a fan of Sonny & Joey? Which wrestler would you like to see get the vignette treatment next?

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