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AEW Dynamite Preview (June 24, 2020): Fyter Fest 2020 Go Home Show

This week All Elite Wrestling comes our way live from a closed set in Jacksonville, Florida. Last week, QT Marshell & Allie blew a tag team championship match for the Natural Nightmares, Big Swole took out the trash, Anna Jay & Colt Cabana joined The Dark Order, Ricky Starks made his AEW debut, and The Best Friends remained the tag team champion #1 contenders.

Advertised for tonight:

  • Jon Moxley in action with Taz on commentary
  • FTR vs. Natural Nightmares
  • Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss vs. Colt Cabana & Mr. Brodie Lee
  • Luchasaurus vs. Wardlow in a lumberjack match
  • TNT champion, Cody holds a press conference
  • Hikaru Shida in action
  • Matt Hardy vs. Santana

Here are five questions about AEW tonight:

1) Is Jon Moxley ready for The Machine?

Moxley and The Machine (I know he has a name, but I like that together they sound like an alt band from the aughts) have been dancing around each other for weeks. Car destruction aside, AEW has done a good job keeping the champion and the challenger from interacting too much; keeping the tension alive! Cage has been running roughshod over the lower card of AEW while Moxley has been preparing for the challenge by giving himself maniacal pep talk promos in the dark. Cage has been functioning like a destruction machine; Moxley like a mage of madness - Machine vs Madness. Who comes out on top?

Tonight Moxley is in action with Taz on commentary. One can only assume that Moxley emulates Cage over the past few weeks and destroys whatever competition is put in front of him. Taz will have disparaging things to say on commentary and it is very likely we get a post match Moxley promo. The question is will Cage be able keep himself composed? Or will he attack The Champion again? Last week, Cage proclaimed that he wished Fyter Fest was right now - maybe tonight he makes that wish come true. Will Moxley be ready?

2) What does Dark Colt Cabana look like?

He finally did it! After weeks of sulking and losing matches, Colt Cabana has officially joined The Dark Order. How will that change him? Honestly, I have no idea and I am so excited to see funny man and wrestling leader Colt Cabana as a cult lackey. I mean, he’s already teaming with Mr. Brodie Lee, so we can assume that he doesn't have to work his way up the ranks, but what does that mean for his character. Will he be dark and brooding? Or will be become the “Good Cop” to Brodie’s baddie?

Last night on AEW Dark, Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss won against Dark Order lackeys. Tonight, it’s Colt’s opportunity to right that wrong and prove himself to be a valuable member of the gang. Boom Boom? More like, Doom Doom.

3) How will they set up Hikaru vs. Penelope Ford?

Penelope Ford has been killing it in the AEW women’s division for months. One of the staples of the pre-recorded quarantine matches, she proved herself to be a valuable competitor on her own and not just Kip Sabian’s arm candy.

Last week, it was announced that Ford would face Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship at Fyter Fest after she pinned Shida the previous week. Now this match is an exciting opportunity for Penelope and we already know that Shida and her have good in ring chemistry, but I want a little more. We know how Britt feels about the champion, we know how Nyla feels, we even know how Swole feels! I’m hoping tonight we get to hear from Penelope and perhaps even get a showdown after Shida’s scheduled match. We don’t need an epic backstory for this bout, but a little more focused tension before Fyter Fest would be welcomed.

4) Will The Butcher & The Blade interrupt FTR’s tag match? Will The Young Bucks come to help?

Despite proclaiming that they want nothing to do with The Young Bucks, FTR has been in the Buck’s corner for the past couple of weeks. For some reason, off duty Clockwork Orange characters, Butcher and The Blade, have inserted themselves into every bout the Bucks have had. And each time FTR comes to their aid. Tonight, FTR officially faces The Butcher & The Blade (this time in their Steampunk Vampire cosplay) in the ring. Will the Bucks be on hand to help out their “not rivals?” Or will they abandon FTR to the clutches of their opponents?

My guess is that The Young Bucks, ever the gentlemen, come to help FTR when they need it and FTR views their assistance as an interference leading to a match between the teams. FTR don’t feel like they HAVE to fight The Young Bucks for some kind of dream match clout, but they may WANT to fight The Young Bucks if they feel like their position of dominance is threatened.

5) Did Britt manage to get out of the trash?

I’m just concerned for her. Tony was in a friendship time out and Reba didn’t seem like she could get Britt out on her own. Maybe, Reba just brought Britt her meals in the trash can. Maybe she just left rot!

The best feud currently in AEW is Britt Baker vs. Big Swole. No contest.

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 EST tonight to see if we get any answers to these questions!

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