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Joey Ryan-centric episodes pulled from Being The Elite’s YouTube channel

In the midst of mounting allegations against former Being The Elite player Joey Ryan (real name Joseph Meehan) and a controversy around current regular Sammy Guevara, Kenny Omega tweeted yesterday (June 22) that he & The Young Bucks decided against releasing their normal Monday episode of the YouTube series.

That second sentence has fans wondering about the show’s future. Since AEW took action against Guevara, it stands to reason Matt, Nick, and Kenny will want to edit/write him out for the duration of his suspension. Could they have other changes in mind after the events of the past week?

A change they’ve already made is to remove a few Ryan-centric episodes from the channel archives. Episodes 82 - 83, 96, and 109 have been taken down; these featured a “Memorial” for Meehan’s character leading up to his big return at ALL IN.

Being The Elite’s YouTube channel

We’ll see what the future holds for BTE. The show’s tongue-in-cheek meta-humor doesn’t contradict any of the changes fans are pushing for with efforts like #SpeakingOut. But it would be odd to just resume producing the series as if there hasn’t been a seismic event rocking the independent wrestling world it sprang up from - especially given it and its creators ties to Meehan.

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