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Sammy Guevara apologizes for hateful comment about Sasha Banks (UPDATED)

As part of Sasha Banks’ Twitter gimmick declaring her partnership with Bayley “the greatest tag team of all-time”, she tagged AEW’s Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara in a tweet this weekend. Jericho responded with a ratings jab; Guevara with a bad joke about a supposed resemblance between Banks and Ricochet.

After that, Twitter users found Guevara’s appearance on TWFS’ Raw’s 4th Hour podcast from January 25, 2016. On the show, Sammy discussed seeing Sasha while working as an extra with WWE. In a clip being widely shared around the internet this morning, Guevara says:

“Bro, Sasha Banks, so - oh my god - when I was at the WWE the other week, I wanted to just go fucking rape that woman.”

Calls for action from AEW followed. A short time ago, Guevara deleted the tweet screenshooted above, and posted this apology.

Neither Banks nor AEW has commented on the situation.

UPDATE: Sasha has commented, indicating that she & Guevara have spoken. Sammy tweeted an additional apology directly to her.

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