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Hulk Hogan’s banned from all AEW shows

We learned that in the course of Tony Khan banning his ex Linda for a racist tweet.

Not sure what context is needed for this, but... in case you were wondering if you were ever going to see Hulk Hogan or his ex Linda appear on Dynamite, we learned from this Twitter exchange that we won’t*.

The WWE Hall of Famer is presumably banned for self-identifying as a racist and offering only desultory apologies for it. Linda is banned, well, you can see for yourself. Whew.

It’s worth pointing out that AEW has been criticized for relying on “clapback” moments like this as evidence they’re honoring their mission statement to be a more inclusive wrestling company, as opposed to more meaningful measures like signing & pushing more black wrestlers, or assembling a more diverse management team.

Khan & company are also very savvy about presenting themselves as the anti-WWE, and distancing AEW from the Hogans is another example of that.

Still, it’s a good clapback. And Linda’s false, racist tweet can’t be pushed back on enough.

* Linda Hogan deleted her tweet, but the internet never forgets.

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