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Robert Stone puking in the ring earns Aliyah a rare win

Robert Stone is in a bad bad place right now. But Aliyah is OK with that.

Stone has been a mess since Chelsea Green dumped him, leaving the Robert Stone Brand with zero clients. He’s been seen wondering around, completely disheveled. Tonight, he was in crowd, drunk as a skunk with a brown bag of alcohol.

Aliyah for some reason still wants to impress Stone to be a member of his brand, but has not been able to pick up any win to do so. In fact, when she came to the ring, he was passed out in the crowd, so she picked him up and carried him to the ring to watch her.

The match against Xia Li was competitive, but it was Robbie who gave Aliyah the advantage... by spewing all over the ring.

That’s right, Robert Stone climbed on the ring apron and did an impression of me from sophomore year, vomiting right on Xia. The advantageous Aliyah rolled Li up for the win. (Li kicked out the first time, which looked to be a botch, but second time was the charm.)

Congrats on the win, I guess?

Is that enough to get Aliyah to join the Robert Stone brand? And why does she want to?

You can find all the results to tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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