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AEW Fallout: Arn wants Cody to dodge the Hager fight, Taz’s threats to Moxley, more!


The big stories coming out of Dynamite (June 10, 2020) were Jake Hager picking a fight with Cody Rhodes, Brian Cage beating down Jon Moxley, and FTR winning their AEW debut. Fallout from the show includes reaction from Arn Anderson, Taz, and FTR, as well as other goodies.

In Coach’s Corner with Arn Anderson, he said that Cody’s win was not impressive. It took too long to put away an injured man. That means Cody’s game isn’t all the way right like it should be, but he did show good wrestling IQ with the submission victory. Arn also wants Cody to dodge the TNT Championship fight against Jake Hager at Fyter Fest.

First, I’d like to point out to Arn that the point of an open challenge is indeed wrestlers coming in to say, “Hey, I want to fight you.” Besides, Cody was the one who made the title fight official against Hager. Hager never said a word about challenging for the TNT Championship at Fyter Fest. Cody blurted out he would accept for that date. I don’t understand why Arn was so confused about that. Perhaps the blood hadn’t yet returned to his brain after being choked by Hager.

Second, Arn has standards of perfection, but sometimes he lacks confidence in Cody. I wonder if that could become an eventual wedge in their partnership. Advising Cody to dodge Hager is a chickenshit call. What bigger fish do they have to fry during a weekly open challenge against random opponents? I’m getting vibes of Rocky III when Mickey set up handpicked opponents for Rocky’s title defenses. I wonder if Arn thinks he needs to protect Cody in the same fashion.

Taz thought Brian Cage went a teeny bit too far by slamming Jon Moxley onto the car’s back window, but they weren’t there to play nice. Taz advised Moxley not to worry about him. Mox needs to worry about Cage, “busting your ass wide open.” I hope Taz didn’t mean that literally.

Despite a little rust, FTR’s win went better than expected. They are excited about being scouted by Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.

If you were hoping for a bag-of-oranges-on-a-pole match after seeing Chris Jericho beat Orange Cassidy to a bloody pulp, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.

I guess that confirms Vince Russo has not been hired by AEW.

During MJF’s promo on Dynamite, you may have noticed Tony Schiavone making smart aleck faces. MJF fired back in his typical manner.

I was wondering if there would be any repercussions about that lack of respect from Skia-vone. We’ll have to wait and see if MJF mouths of in Tony’s face next Wednesday.

What’s your take on Arn Anderson’s advice to skip Jake Hager?

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