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El Hijo del Fantasma’s reveal as leader of the kidnappers includes unmasking and a new name

NXT has been showing a league of kidnapping luchadors for months now. They kidnapped Raul Mendoza. They kidnapped Joaquin Wilde. And since then, they’ve seemingly had their sights set on El Hijo del Fantasma.

Tonight, everything was revealed.

Interim Cruiserweight Champion Fantasma came out to cut a promo but was interrupted by a gracious Drake Maverick, who congratulated him on his win last week but asked for a rematch. The champ seemed to be good with that.

That’s when the masked men walked out.

Drake and Fantasma went back to back to fend off these men, but the reveal many were expecting came to pass. Fantasma turned around and headbutt Maverick, making it known he was the leader of these men.

But while that was not too surprising, the rest was a bit more so.

The two men in the ring unmasked, revealing themselves to be Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. (Though I guess we don’t know which masked men actually kidnapped them.) Then El Hijo del Fantasma unmasked himself, saying he is now to be known as Santos Escobar.

This fits in with some rumors that Fantasma was never supposed to be masked like he was prior to joining NXT but instead would work with a new identity without the mask. Here, he literally shed his old identity for the new one.

What do you all think about the big reveal?

You can find the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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