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Everything sucks for Robert Stone

Robert Stone seemed to be riding high. With his only client Chelsea Green at his side, things were looking up. He even secured Green a match alongside the then NXT Champion Charlotte Flair, where Green and Flair picked up a big tag win.

But then Chelsea kicked Stone to the curb, and he’s been a mess ever since.

Robert now just wonders around, looking like a disheveled mess, trying to find any client (that’s not Aliyah) to rebuild his brand. Well tonight, he tried to recruit the absolutely wrong person.

Stone interrupted a backstage interview McKenzie Mitchell was conducting with Rhea Ripley. Now Rhea is already is a terrible mood after losing at TakeOver: In Your House last Sunday. So the last thing she wanted was to hear the pitch from this loser.

When he didn’t get the hint, thinking a “one in a million” chance meant there was still a chance, Rhea pulled him aside, punched him in the balls, and then dumped him in a trash bin.

Things continue to go south for Robert Stone and his brand. Maybe it’s time to finally give Aliyah a call?

You can find the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.v

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