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Johnny Gargano cares about winning more than his wife


The opening bout for tonight’s NXT was a rematch from last week - Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae against Keith Lee & Mia Yim.

The Garganos won that match, but Johnny was not successful in winning the North American title at TakeOver: In Your House last Sunday. This would be the chance for a little revenge.

The match started with Lee and Yim kicking the hell out of the Garganos, but Candice and Johnny weren’t above dirty tricks to get back in it. However, it was the end of the match that really showed us who Johnny Gargano really is.

Johnny delivered the Last Beat DDT to Keith Lee, but Lee landed with all of his weight on Candice, knocking her completely out. Because Keith is a big dude.

When Lee noticed what happened, he was despondent, picking up LeRae to get her out of the ring. That’s when Gargano rolled up Lee, who was still holding Johnny’s wife, causing him to drop her. This earned Johnny the win, taking advantage of the situation and his wife’s injury.

Then he dragged his limp wife out of the ring and held up her arm in a shared victory, despite her being still unconscious at the time.

What a jerk.

You can find the results from tonight’s NXT at the live blog here.

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