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Matt Hardy’s transformations are out of control

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Matt Hardy confronted Sammy Guevara on this week’s (June 10) episode of Dynamite in order to explain why he respects the Spanish Sex God. It’s because Guevara and Hardy share the same “stronger than death” mindset.

Guevara is the future of AEW, according to Hardy, but in order to realize his potential he needs to part ways with Chris Jericho.

Sammy logically concluded that Matt doesn’t have his best interests in mind, considering that Hardy tried to murder Guevara twice with a golf cart. But Guevara couldn’t really get his point across because Hardy kept transforming between his various personalities, including Mattitude and Broken Matt Hardy.

Hardy’s transformations were out of control, and Guevara bailed from the ring before things could escalate.

Are you enjoying Matt’s sudden personality changes, or would you like to see him reign it in a bit?

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