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Nick Aldis is running for mayor of NWA’s Carnyland

The NWA has been forced to get creative with ways to feature their talent during these coronavirus times. One of those methods was to create a fictional universe known as Carnyland. The first few episodes were a bunch of skits strung together. Now, Carnyland is growing bigger with an overarching storyline. Carnyland is in need of a face to run the place and will have elections for a new mayor.

Plenty of NWA stars have thrown their hat in the ring. Let’s check out the candidates to see who has the best promo commercial.

My favorite was the first ad aired. Thom Latimer is running on the platform of making a legal requirement to wear a fanny pack at all times, including intercourse.

Jocephus has the catchiest campaign by making a simple rap tune.

Zicky Dice makes a compelling case by asking for friends (only 8’s or above) and mayonnaise as contributions.

And then there is the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Nick Aldis hired Danny Deals to produce a polished presentation. He embodies the American dream. Unlike other politicians with their lying ways, Aldis just stretches the truth.

Other candidates with promos vying to become mayor of Carnyland include:

  • Kamille who will end you if you don’t vote for her
  • Royce Isaacs appealing to twanging farmers
  • Eli Drake with strong hands to toss jagaloons
  • Thunder Rosa will be a mayor who fights
  • Ester Addington who looks like Allysin Kay in an old lady costume
  • Allysin Kay is running as well, but Marti Belle advised her to work on her resting bitch face by smiling more
  • Aron Stevens is rallying the vote of cabbage-smelling carnies to bring him victory

Boy, that’s going to be a touch choice. Fanny packs and sex do make a lot of sense, but I’m putting my trust into Nick Aldis. He is strictly business and would provide the best economy, even though he seems likely to skim off the top.

Watch the full Carnyland episode here. To vote, you have to sponsor Carnyland on Patreon. The list will be whittled down to the top two then have a run-off.

Are you enjoying the evolution of Carnyland with the mayoral race? Who’s getting your vote?

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