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AEW Rewind: Cody wants the best of the best, Omega being punked, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Dynamite tonight.

If you missed the news coming out of last night’s episode of Dark, the Dark Order has a new member.

FTR is going to debut tonight in AEW against Blade & Butcher. Cash Wheeler has a reminder not to expect any flippy stuff.

Cody Rhodes discussed his open challenge for the TNT Championship. He only wants the best of the best or else it isn’t worth accomplishing. Marq Quen is coming as the next competitor.

MJF is doing the work. Cody better watch out.

Brian Cage is also doing the work to get ready to stomp Jon Moxley at Fyter Fest. His training regime is heavy duty.

Time for the troll of the week.

I love when Ryback riles up his naysayers. And to clarify, there is no news that The Big Guy is All Elite.

Being the Elite

“Colonoscopy” - Being The Elite, Ep. 207 (here) featured:

  • Colt Cabana opened with his BTE bit of the week. His segment on Dynamite with Chris Jericho did well in demographics. Cabana stumbled over the big words. Kenny Omega was off to the side pouting on the couch. Harrington threatened Omega, who cowered in fear. Omega exited with harsh words for Cabana.
  • The Best Friends argued about dolphins and blood. They were stumped for a new BTE bit, so they ran away. Orange Cassidy slowly rolled around a pillar to get out of sight.
  • Matt Jackson’s rib is feeling okay. He thinks it might only be a bruised rib. That led into Broken Matt’s terms of the inside. A rib is a joke or a prank to hoodwink a victim into thinking it is real.
  • Christopher Daniels was slightly loopy on drugs. He turned 50 years old, so he got a colonoscopy. CD explained the process of putting a camera up your butt to check for cancer. This was legit information and not a comedy bit, even though his explanation had humor.
  • Alex Abrahantes gave us a Spanglish lesson. Botella was the word of the day. Botella typically translates to bottle, but Santana & Ortiz explained the other slang meaning for butt.
  • Brandon Cutler shared his custom prop dice for his entrance. The giant dice is easier for the cameras to pick up on screen.
  • The Best Friends and OC continued thinking about new bits, but Trent kept regurgitating old bits that Hangman Page already did. Cassidy thought he had an idea, but it turned out he didn’t.
  • Matt Jackson’s CrossFit workout was interrupted by a Zoom call. He worked on getting busted open hard-way to have an excuse to miss the call. Matt banged his head in the door, went down the slide head first, and took a superkick from his son. He finally found success by smashing his head into a crate of Lego pieces. Nick Jackson and Cutler told him to close his wound instead of taking the meeting. Matt spent his new found time relaxing in a hammock.

This episode had good humor with Orange Cassidy’s silly attempt at escaping the camera and Matt Jackson cutting himself. One thing I didn’t like is the bit of Kenny Omega being a scaredy-cat of Harrington. There is chatter across the vast plain of the internet that Omega hasn’t been looking like a star. I don’t agree with it for Dynamite, but Omega looks like a chump on BTE. Maybe that’s part of the joke, however, it really does make him look like a dweeb. I hope the bit ends with Omega beating Harrington to a pulp.

We’ll close with a little bit of fun and games. Find the five differences.

Also, enjoy this Lego art from Astrid of Darby Allin on a flaming ladder.

Let’s hope tonight’s Dynamite is as cool as that image.

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