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Lucha Libre Roundup: Pentagon vs LA Park tonight on Lucha Fighter finale, Torneo Supremo quarterfinals

Welcome to the Lucha Libre Roundup. It is tournament season in Mexico. AAA’s Lucha Fighter and Mas Lucha’s Torneo Supremo are both wrapping up this weekend. Let’s preview the action and break down results.

AAA Lucha Fighter finale

AAA’s four-week Lucha Fighter tournament comes to a close tonight (May 9). The show will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube starting at 9 pm ET.

Lucha Fighter began with 16 men, 8 women, and 4 minis. If you missed the earlier action, catch up with week 1, week 2, and week 3.

The card for tonight is:

  • Mini final: Dinastia vs Laredo Boy
  • Women’s final: Lady Shani vs La Hiedra
  • Men’s semifinal: LA Park vs Pentagon
  • Men’s semifinal: Psycho Clown vs Chessman
  • Men’s final: TBA vs TBA

There could also be an extra match or two to fill out the time.

Let’s recap everyone’s path so far. Dinastia defeated Octagoncito, while Laredo Boy defeated Drago Kid in week 1. Both minis should be fresh for a fast-paced free-for-all.

Lady Shani took down two rivals in Faby Apache and Lady Maravilla. It is only fitting that Shani faces another rival in the final. La Hiedra powered past Hades and Big Mami to punch her ticket.

LA Park had the most impressive route by pinning Laredo Kid and Dr. Wagner Jr. Pentagon danced with fan favorites Niño Hamburguesa and Hijo del Vikingo. That will give us a skeleton fight between Park and Pentagon.

Psycho Clown eliminated Drago and Texano. Chessman removed Myzteziz Jr. and Pagano from contention.

The first three weeks have been solid, and I’m expecting the finale to top that. The best thing about the tournament is seeing all these luchadores flex their skills in singles action. They usually participate in trios matches, so this has allowed them to open up their movesets and get to strutting.

As for predictions, I’ll go with Dinastia for the minis. He gets the most shine of that group and I see it being no different tonight. I’ll pick La Hiedra in the upset. Lady Shani has earned plenty of accolades in her young career. It is time for Hiedra to taste success for her to be built as a long-term rival of Shani for years to come.

For the men, Psycho Clown seems to be a safe bet for the finals. I’m siding with Psycho to beat Pentagon for all the glory. As beloved as Psycho is, he doesn’t have much of a resume yet to match his superstardom. Winning Lucha Fighter will be a nice feather in his cap.

Last thought. It would be funny if Psycho wrestles LA Park in the final, meanwhile, they are wrestling against each other in the previously recorded trios main event in MLW tonight. We need to be careful about worlds colliding and time vortexes collapsing.

What are your predictions for AAA Lucha Fighter? Which match will steal the show?

Torneo Supremo

Let’s continue with the last match of the first round and all four quarterfinal matches for the tournament held by Mas Lucha. All bouts are available for viewing on the Mas Lucha YouTube channel. If you missed last week, get caught up on the first seven contests of the first round.

The best bout of this group was Hijo del Pirata Morgan versus Metaleon. Hijo del Pirata Morgan also had a smooth match with Aramis in the quarterfinals. I like Pirata’s style in the ring. Out of all the participants, he stood out most to me with his variety of slams and suplexes.

Time for the results.

First Round: Hijo del Pirata Morgan defeated Metaleón (video). This match took a little bit to get cooking, but it was pretty cool once they did. There were a variety of submissions and flying maneuvers. My favorite sequence was Metaleón hooking in a crucifix pin then hammering Pirata with elbows. The finish came when Pirata blasted Metaleón with a big knee.

Quarterfinal: Demonio Infernal defeated Fresero Jr. (video). Fresero manhandled Demonio the entire match. Top moves were Tres Amigos and a spear. Fresero was setting up Demonio for a move off the turnbuckles, but Demonio countered into a super Michinoku driver to win. This feels like another upset for Demonio on his Cinderella journey.

Quarterfinal: Arez defeated Hip Hop Man (video). This was a back and forth matchup with a flurry for the finish. Arez exploded with a Saharawi suplex, a barrage of strikes, then a second Saharawi suplex to win.

Quarterfinal: Ricky Marvin defeated Super Nova (video). This was a battle of Bengalas. Both have donned the Bengala mask during their careers. The story was Nova attacking Marvin’s knees. That didn’t stop Marvin from executing a flying double knee drop to injure Nova’s ribs. Marvin squeaked out the win by countering a submission attempt into a roll-up victory.

Quarterfinal: Aramis defeated Hijo del Pirata Morgan (video). It started with slick mat work. Aramis had fancier moves, while Pirata had the power advantage. Pirata nailed a sweet fisherman’s suplex rolling into a drop suplex. Aramis used his twinkle toes to walk the top rope then leap for a tope con hilo to the outside. For the finish, Pirata had control with a facebreaker. He went high risk on a moonsault but missed. Aramis seized the moment for a single leg grapevine submission win.

If you are yearning for the semifinals, good news is that they have been completed: Arez vs Demonio Infernal (here) and Aramis vs Ricky Marvin (here). That will be saved for next week’s Lucha Libre Roundup along with covering the tournament final. The final is scheduled to be posted by Mas Lucha on Sunday night at 10 pm ET.

Which of the Torneo Supremo luchadores has impressed you most?

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